Saturday, January 22

Omicron: 5 Most Googled Questions About Variation (& Expert Answers)

  • André Biernath
  • BBC Brazil

Illustration of the structure of coronavirus.

Image source, Getty Images


The choice of the name of the new variant took the scientific community by surprise.

As soon as omicron was classified as a variant of concern on November 26, interest in the topic skyrocketed on the internet.

According to a Google report obtained by BBC Brazil, “omicron” was the term that grew the most in the search engine.

Discovered in South Africa, the new variant has already been detected in some 40 countries (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Spain) and is striking for the number and variety of genetic mutations it presents.

For now it is not known for sure how much more transmissible omicron is, or if it manages to evade the immunity obtained through vaccines or by previous infection.

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