Friday, January 21

Ómicron: the marked increase in covid-19 cases in South Africa due to the expansion of the new variant of the coronavirus

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A woman is vaccinated in South Africa.

Image source, Reuters


South Africa is experiencing a boom in new coronavirus infections.

The number of new confirmed daily COVID-19 cases in South Africa increased in just 24 hours, from about 8,500 on Wednesday to about 11,500 on Thursday.

By comparison, there were about 200-300 new infections a day in that country by mid-November, a renowned South African scientist told the BBC.

This sudden increase comes at a time when omicron, the new and highly mutated variant of the coronavirus, is spreading across South Africa.

The National Institute of Communicable Diseases of that country (NICD, for its acronym in English) reported that more ofl 70% of all the virus genomes that it has sequenced in the last month correspond to omicron.

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