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Ómicron: What happens if I get vaccinated and I am infected with Covid without knowing it

In these moments where complicated moments are being experienced again due to a new rebound in the Covid pandemic due to Omicron, health authorities they are encouraging the population to get vaccinated, either for the first time or to complete the table or resort to booster doses, to protect themselves and also help the peak of infections to drop again and stabilize.

Until this moment, In the United States, only 62% of the population eligible to be vaccinated have completed the table and only 23.7% have received the booster dose, figures that are still worrying.

Given the current scenario and the one that is glimpsed for the following days, all those who are missing to be vaccinated, for different reasons, are invited to do so. To support the measure, the Joe Biden government has decided to open more vaccination posts so that more people apply it.

There are people who may want to start the anti-Covid vaccination chart or who want to receive the booster dose; however, at this time they may think about it more because due to the characteristics of Omicron, you may be infected without knowing it.

And it is that previously and with vaccines for other diseases, health experts always recommend not getting them when you are sick and that you have to wait about 15 days after recovering to inoculate yourself.

What happens if I don’t get vaccinated and I’m infected with Covid

“It may happen that due to the circulation of the Omicron variant, which generally presents milder symptoms, there are more people going to be vaccinated while infected, but this does not represent any type of risk, Ricardo Teijeiro, an infectologist at the Pirovano Hospital and a member of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases, stated in an interview for La Nación.

“Most likely, nothing will happen at all.” added.

In case it happens to you that you go to get vaccinated and days later you find out you have Covid, what Teijeiro recommends is to immediately notify your doctor for him to follow up on your case.

It also indicates that The secondary effects of the vaccines do not last more than 72 hours after their application, so if these discomforts persist afterwards, it is best to do a coronavirus test to rule out any contagion.

Finally, it should also be noted that if you test positive a couple of days after having been vaccinated, this will not aggravate the disease because the vaccines are inactivated; what is very likely is that this will not have an effect on your body and therefore, you will not have much protection because for immunity it takes about 14 days to start producing cells of the immune system that recognize the antigen against which we are vaccinated and 21 days to generate the so-called memory cells. That is why you have to wait at least 21 days for the second dose, so that the immune system process is complete.

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