Monday, August 8

Ómicron: what the first studies say about the efficacy of vaccines against the new variant

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Vaccine application.

Image source, Reuters


Booster doses appear to increase protection against omicron, which, according to preliminary studies, may be better able to evade immunization.

Whether the vaccines we have work or not -and to what extent- against omicron is something that we will learn in more detail as the days go by. This is how science works. It evolves as events occur and evidence accumulates.

But the first studies, quick, not definitive and without being reviewed by peers, bring good and bad news.

This new variant of coronavirus appears to have increased ability to escape immunizationBut the available research indicates that our vaccines will continue to protect against the most serious forms of the disease.

Of course, this will continue to depend on many factors. A young and healthy person does not react the same as an elderly person or with some other risk factor, for example.

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