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On the bench in Murcia for raping and harassing his wife during the 36 years that their marriage lasted

A demonstration of condemnation against sexist violence.

A demonstration of condemnation against sexist violence.

“You are worth nothing, you need a psychiatrist.” “You are disgusting, fat.” “But where are you going, you have nothing”. These are some of the expressions that, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, Francisco VG dedicated to his wife of 36 years. For harassing her and even sexually assaulting her on several occasions, the Public Ministry asks for this neighbor of the municipality of Cieza, in Murcia, penalties that they add up to 13 years and four months in prison.

The case was taken by the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Cieza. As read in the tax classification, to which this newspaper has had access, the individual raped his wife when she refused to have sex with him. Specifically, the prosecution details in its letter, it forced her to “have non-consensual sexual relations with penetration, overcoming her resistance by force, proceeding, on other occasions, to penetrate her, while the complainant was sleeping, continuing violently once she woke up and told her to stop, to which the defendant told her: ‘Close your eyes, which will end right away“The man is also accused of masturbating in front of his wife and ejaculating on her.

The prosecutor also reports that, one month after ending the relationship, the subject He went to the address where his ex lived and tried to rape her. Specifically, he approached her “from behind, grabbed one of her breasts with one hand, putting the other over her vagina, and tried to have sex with the woman, she having to struggle with him and tell him that he was going to scream, to avoid it, making him stop and leave the house. ”

The Public Ministry is clear that “the facts reported are constitutive of a crime of habitual abuse, a misdemeanor of unjust harassment and a continuing crime of sexual assault “.

As for the penalties to be imposed, for the first offense the prosecutor requests two years and four months behind bars. For the harassment, twenty days of permanent location and a restraining order for the woman. Regarding sexual assaults, ask for eleven years in jail. Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office wants that, when this man is released from prison, he spends another decade on probation. The date for the oral hearing has not yet been set.

The victim, with a depressive disorder and under treatment

As detailed in the private accusation brief, a forensic psychological report highlights that, as a result of the mistreatment suffered, the woman “presents a depressive disorder for years which makes her especially vulnerable, requiring psychological and psychiatric treatment for years, which continues today, among others through the CAVI of Cieza “.

The private prosecution asks that the man compensate his ex with 8,000 euros for moral damages. The Public Ministry lowers the request and leaves it at 6,000.

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