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On the trail of the servants of Daesh

“Object of vexations, commodified, in the midst of enormous poverty”They are described by a chief inspector of the General Information Commissary of the National Police consulted for this report, and who has followed the whereabouts of Spanish women who answered “yes” to Daesh. Yes to the offer to marry a fundamentalist fighter and accompany him to the front to be his companion, his rest and the mother of his children.

That was the proposal of the jihadist organization, and that of living a life of religion and marriage far from the corruption of the West. “Many of them were in positions of vulnerability. And they were sold an idyllic world very different from precariousness where they were ”.

Celestinas of the jihad

Cristina B. He did not interpret his arrest in his town (Cullera, Valencia) in November 2020 as a liberation, but his family, and his group of friends, and the entire falla of Raval de Sant Agustí, in which he had participated before becoming a an eccentric, dressed in rigorous niqab Dark.

Only 15 days before the National Police caught her, she had commented on social networks that the French professor Samuel Paty, beheaded by a fanatic, “deserved it.” The police investigation did not follow her for her execration of the victims of the jihad as much as for her work as a money remitter for Daesh.

His radicalization lasted between four and eleven months, according to one or other sources close to the case. “She had a life totally integrated into the population, with a normal family, but she was seduced by the Islamic State and participated in its activities. In a moment totally changed his way of being. She was arrested in time, ”says the inspector.

Cristina B. was not a girl, but others captured in Melilla, for example, had not reached the age of majority. The Police are aware of the work of women captors who have caught other women in vulnerable situations. Effect of the pimps have been several trips to hell. “Through reports from the General Information Commission, the National High Court has issued arrest warrants for four women who leftApparently, to marry mujahideen, and that they will have to answer to justice for their role in the organization ”, explains the police expert.

In the neighborhoods of El Príncipe de Ceuta and Reina Regente de Melilla, the Celestinas have focused on very young girls. “Some minors could have been easy prey,” says the chief inspector. We feel pride when we can neutralize that trip, that wicked indoctrination, reintegrate them with their families, and avoid the drama of living in such a degrading situation as being at the service of a terrorist organization, with the harassment and drama that it entails ”.

“It was just for flirting”

But it is not always another woman who is the trickster, but a heartthrob still near puberty. The Melilla Y. Mohamed He had around thirty women from Ceuta, Melilla and Barcelona, ​​many of them minors, on social networks. One of them, Carolina Peña, managed one of those networks, the WhatsApp group “Hug yourself to Islam.” It was the year 2014. Al Bagdadi he had just proclaimed the Islamic State, and his organization was not hiding as it is now.

A veteran jurist in Madrid tells that the man, considered by the Police to be the center of the first cell made up almost exclusively of women in Spanish territory, told the Justice that he dressed up as a jihadist “just to flirt.” According to the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office, shortly before being captured he told a follower: “The man is one degree above the woman. This is what Allah has willed ”.

“Now that flirting would not be possible except in very marginal circles – says this legal source, with experience in contact with Maghreb immigration – because jihadism has lost prestige in Muslim communities of many neighborhoods, where a radical is already seen more as a problem than as a man ”.

Recycled widows

It did not count the propaganda that Daesh issued in 2014 that the war would decimate its reserves of men. And combat casualties in Syria and Iraq have forced jihadist women to evolve.

“Many, when her husband has lost his life in a conflict zone, they have been totally commercialized for another mujahideen, without regard for their feelings or their situation,” says the expert from the Information Commissariat. But others have passed from his role of submission to another of violent action. “Brigades of women who have actively participated in the conflict zone have been created,” continues this source. Radical Islamist propaganda shows them wielding kalashnikovs and running in black burqas.

“His role has evolved. There have already been women who have participated in attacks in other European countries ”, says the Police Inspector. Added to the danger of returnees is the risk of returnees. Of 254 jihadists who left Spain between 2014 and 2018 -the majority Moroccan and 48 with Spanish nationality-, 31 were women. According to data from the Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO) collected by the Memorial Center for the Victims of Terrorism, half of those women were married when they left for Syria. The rest sought love along with their radical Islamist dream.

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