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On Trump’s Measure, Jeff Bezos Orders Amazon Bosses to Respond to Critics | Technology

SRegardless of what you want about the relative merits of Amazon’s continued existence, the humble online bookstore that could end up being the world’s last company at this rate, you could hope that all that accumulated wealth will allow them access to the best and best. services. the world’s brightest communication professionals. The behavior of the corporate Amazon News account and executive Dave Clark on Twitter over the past week, attacking prominent critics in an unusually spiteful and petty way, casts doubt on that seemingly obvious proposition.

Turns out there may be a good explanation for that. It is possible that the boss has taken action on the matter.

What reported by RecodeJeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, with enough money to do anything he could imagine besides this, seems to be behind the change in tone. And it’s not just the bellicose style of the tweets that has a distinctively Trumpian echo, it’s also the motivation behind them: He doesn’t think the company is responding strongly enough to its critics.

Whether or not the war of flames occurred as a top-down directive, Bezos has good reason to feel nervous as of late. About 6,000 workers at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, will soon vote on whether or not to unionize. The effort, if successful, will likely be seen by the company as a harbinger of things to come across the country and the world.

Improving conditions and wages for workers appears to be something that one of the richest corporations in the world, headed by the richest man in the world, considers an existential threat.

The company also supposedly engaged in all sorts of other intimidation tactics to suppress the unionization effort. But it is the behavior of social media that has attracted the most attention.

“I welcome @SenSanders to Birmingham and appreciate their push for a progressive workplace. I often say that we are the Bernie Sanders of employers, but that is not entirely correct because we actually offer a progressive workplace, ”Clark tweeted Wednesday, in an increasingly aggressive series of posts.

Following the dispute with the Vermont senator, who was present in Alabama on Friday to support the workers, the Amazon News account turned its attention to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, discussing whether or not the company pays its fair share of taxes and trying to present themselves as victims of harassment by politicians, another classic Trump move.

Amazon news

This is extraordinary and revealing. One of the most powerful politicians in the United States has just said that he is going to dissolve an American company so that they can no longer criticize it.

March 26, 2021

Carole cadwalladr

Facebook spokesperson @andystone has been rogue on Twitter for some time. Now @amazonnews has launched what is basically a troll account. Fascinating development in today’s Trumpification of big technology

March 26, 2021

The change in posting style was so abrupt that it prompted an internal query from Amazon’s security team, according to Recode. “The tweets, according to the security engineer, ‘are unnecessarily antagonistic (risking the Amazon brand) and may be the result of unauthorized access,'” they reported.

It remains to be seen if public fights with two of the nation’s most popular and progressive Democrats become a solid public relations strategy. It’s certainly not helping to get the organizing effort out of the news cycle.

Sanders himself seems to think it is proof of panic within the company.

“Jeff Bezos, worth $ 180 billion, is getting nervous,” Sanders tweeted Sunday. “He fears that if Amazon workers in Alabama vote to unionize, it will give workers across America the courage to embrace their greed and win economic justice. He is spending millions against this union to keep billions. “

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