Friday, April 16

One and a half million in aid to rescue economic activity in Sant Joan

Extraordinary plenary session last Tuesday in Sant Joan

Extraordinary plenary session last Tuesday in Sant Joan

About 1.5 million euros in aid to rescue economic activity in Sant Joan. This Friday, coinciding with the start time of the municipal activity, the deadline for submitting applications for the Parenthesis aid collected in the Resist Plan promoted by the Generalitat, with which the Santjoaner Consistory and specifically its Department of Commerce and Economic Development will distribute € 842,337 in direct aid Aimed at self-employed and micro-businesses that do not employ more than ten people, as reported by the Consistory.

These helps come financed in three bands between the Generalitat Valenciana, the provincial councils and the town councils of the Community, and are intended for non-sedentary retail trade, hotels and accommodation, campsites, restaurants, cafeterias and beverage establishments, cinemas, travel agencies, performing arts, gyms , sports facilities and recreational and entertainment activities among others. All these companies greatly affected by the reduction in income and closures since the pandemic began.

With the publication today of the Convening Decree in the Alicante BOP (, a period of 15 business days for the presentation of requests and the required documentation that can only be done through the municipal Electronic Office (

To answer questions and help in the processing and presentation of applications, the Local Development Agency (ADL #IDEAS) led by the socialist Manel Giner, puts all its staff at the service of citizens who are going to request these aid, according to noted in a statement.

As the councilman himself commented in the press conference offered this morning, “with these aid of € 842,000, the grant of € 129,000 granted by the Provincial Council for direct aid and the € 500,000 approved in the extraordinary plenary session held last Tuesday, the Sant Joan d’Alacant City Council is going to distribute 1.5 million euros in aid so far, with the possibility of increasing this amount from the remaining treasury while it is available and the emergency situation continues “.

And they emphasize that “so that the effort made by the administrations involved is understood in perspective, a municipality like Sant Joan is going to distribute 1.5 million euros more than the Community of Madrid in direct aid aimed at freelancers and companies for the purpose of of the covid-19, since it has not distributed a single euro “.

Starting tomorrow, the application model will be uploaded to the Electronic Office together with a FAQ questionnaire of frequently asked questions, prepared by the council in an effort to constantly improve communication with citizens, transferring the representatives of the commercial sectors and hoteliers of identical information to request their collaboration in the dissemination of the same among their associates.

Based on the data contained in the department of commerce, an electronic mailing will be sent to local companies informing them of the opening of the term and the content of the aforementioned aid.

Tax exemption for non-sedentary commerce

Along with these direct aid, aid for digitization and the local consumption incentive program, we must add the exemptions that have been applied in terms of local taxes and fees since March of last year. In this sense, today the definitive approval of the modification of the tax ordinance regulating the rate for the provision of the market service has also been published in the BOP. This modification establishes from January 1, 2021 to December 31 of the same year a rate of zero euros for covered stalls outside the Municipal Market, as well as for fixed, non-roofed mobile stalls and stalls mobile not fixed, not roofed.

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