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One hundred public parking spaces in Elda

The beginning of the works to improve the parking lot of the Almafrá de Elda industrial estate.

The beginning of the works to improve the parking lot of the Almafrá de Elda industrial estate.

The council of Sustainable Public Services de Elda has begun work to remodel and pave the free parking lot located in Polígono Almafrá, at the intersection of Avenida de Filipinas with Calle Doctor Fleming, with the aim of creating one hundred parking spaces in the San Francisco de Sales neighborhood , especially on the days when there is a market, as well as offering a better service to the parents who attend the Nuevo Almafrá school.

This site was currently used as a parking lot by residents of the area, but due to its poor condition, it made it very difficult for larger vehicles to access, with the consequent crowds of traffic on Tuesdays and Saturdays. flea market, in addition to the rush hours for entering and leaving the nursery school. For this reason, the Department of Sustainable Public Services addressed the project of urbanization of the site, within the ‘Elda Renace’ Plan, to guarantee a quality parking space where vehicles can access without risk of damage or accidents among pedestrians.

The works, which have involved the direct employment of more than 10 workers, will last approximately one month. Specifically, the existing asphalt will be milled and the excess aggregate will be removed, the implantation of artificial gravel, the realization of the corresponding recess in the sidewalk for the access and exit of vehicles, as well as the final asphalting and signaling. road, all in a total area of ​​2,347 square meters.

The works for the remodeling of the Polígono Almafrá car park. INFORMATION

It should be remembered that these works may involve slight occasional alterations in the surroundings near the current site, but the workers will try to minimize the noise and setbacks that the works may cause as much as possible, always thinking that the end of these works will mean a substantial improvement of the area and will provide better services to all residents.

The remodeling of this parking in the Polígono Almafrá it allows us to offer a greater number of fully accessible parking spaces for all residents of the area, reducing the density of vehicles that accumulate due to the presence of the San Francisco market and the Nuevo Almafrá school “, has pointed out the Councilor for Sustainable Public Services, José Antonio Amat, highlighting that “The objective of the local government is to improve the quality of life of the locals, and with the adaptation of this parking we meet a historical demand in this area of ​​the city, where in addition to the market and the nursery school, the Fair is also installed of the Immaculate in early December, so it was very necessary to offer a new functional car park that increases the parking spaces in the neighborhood ”.

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