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One hundred toilets go with Ribera, who claims to deliver the best department in the Community

Health assured yesterday that these vacancies will be filled in the coming weeks through the job market, something that, however, will not be easy, because the demand is much higher than the supply in all health departments, no only in Torrevieja.

Zafrilla, in addition to taking a tour of the great figures of the management since 2006, expanded the information on the complaint that Ribera has presented to the Civil Guard for the “irregular access” to his computer system through a computer operated by personnel from the Department that works in the hospital. «It is not a hack of personal patient data. It is something very serious, the alleged theft and theft of intellectual property. The theft of a program that is owned by Ribera and that it is a very serious fact“Said the manager who personally filed the complaint last Friday. In this sense, the Popular Party in the Cortes has announced that it will demand an investigation commission to clarify these facts.

Zafrilla insisted that the decision not to extend the contract with Ribera is “unilateral, is not justified and is carried out for ideological reasons”, in which he has given “equal how well or badly it has been done” during the 15 years that it has been done. duration of the concession. Period in which Ribera leaves a hospital that has become an «international benchmark», with the best healthcare data, based on the indicators used by Health, for example a surgical delay of 43 days when the regional average is 120. He regretted not being able to continue for five more years, a period in which it was going to invest 40 million euros in various actions, including a new health center in Orihuela Costa. Investment, on the other hand, that Ribera announced months before Health’s decision to reverse in exchange for receiving the extension.

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The health company, belonging to the North American multinational Centene, assures that the Generalitat “has not based the reversal on economic or healthcare data and has not taken into account that Ribera would have liked to continue.”

According to the concessionaire’s data, in the last 15 years the group has invested 116.7 million euros, a figure much higher than the 80 committed in the concession, to which the 39.2 were planned to be added in the next five years . Zafrilla has offered some data from the last fifteen years, such as that 231,963 surgical interventions have been carried out, 6.1 million consultations in the hospital, 18.5 million in primary care, 3.1 million radiological tests and that the average stay of hospitalization has been 4.82 days, with 18,767 births.

Zafrilla defended the process of transition from Ribera to reversion as “faultless” against the accusation of Health of “boycotting” and “dismantling” the department. And he said that “the standards included in the reversion protocols have been scrupulously complied with and that the additional requirements have been satisfied.”

As a culmination of 15 years of a public-private collaboration project tonight, at 23-55, the signing of the minutes of reception of the facilities and facilities is scheduled, in which Ribera executives and senior officials of the Generalitat will be present. A kind of handover of keys to the department: the Hospital and eleven health centers.

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Disembarkation of senior officials and inventory

The regional secretary for Health Technology, Concha Andrés, travels to the Torrevieja hospital on Friday accompanied by six general directors to supervise the final procedures of the transition from private management to direct public management of the department as a consequence. They will carry out an inspection visit of the facilities and will hold a meeting with those responsible for the audit commissioned by the Ministry to verify the equipment and technology and will supervise the planning of the healthcare activity for the coming weeks.

Extension for the signature of clinical analyzes

Health has extended the activity of the external company that provides the clinical analysis service of the Torrevieja University Hospital for one year. The more than thirty workers of this firm, Torrevieja Diagnostics, linked to Ribera, had denounced that the rescue of the concession left their jobs in the air. Finally, Health has chosen to maintain its service – the center receives 1,500 daily samples. Something that it has done with most of the benefits of external companies – emergency extensions – given the impossibility of bidding for and awarding new contracts. d. PAmies

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