Friday, January 28

One hundred voices of the Mystery will sing to Christmas

The traditional Christmas concert of the Misteri d’Elx is back. The appointment is next Sunday, December 19, at 5.30 pm in the Basilica of Santa María de Elche. This event is recovered in person after, due to the covid, it could not be organized last year in the temple. However, it was carried out electronically. In any case, this Sunday, a hundred voices, among the members of the Capella, the Escolanía and the youth choir, will offer a totally relaxed program designed for the enjoyment of the whole family.

In principle, you don’t have to get any tickets or reserve a seat online. Starting at 4:45 p.m. the door of San Juan in the basilica (the closest to the headquarters of the Bar Association) will open and those interested will be able to access, provided they wear a mask and show their covid passport.

Once the seating capacity is completed, just over 500, no more public will be allowed access. The idea is that all attendees can follow the Christmas concert sitting down. At the moment it has not been established that it is necessary to leave gaps in the seats due to the covid. In any case, this musical event will also be broadcast through social networks.

“It’s a special concert,” says the acting Capella Mestre, Javier Gonzálvez, who points out that both children and adults will sing with their masks on and with a safe distance. In principle, those who sang this Sunday could have given up to 120 voices, but due to the covid the number of interpreters has been limited to a hundred.

In fact, so far they have rehearsed in groups and it is only this week that they will be able to prepare the Christmas concert all together. About thirty white voices will intervene on the part of the choir, the youth choir will contribute twenty, while from the Capella fifty adults will sing Christmas carols.

«It is going to be a very intimate concert, dedicated to the entire Misteri family and all the people of Elche. They are Christmas pieces like when Christmas carols are sung with the family after lunch or dinner ”, explains Gonzálvez, who advances that there will be some surprises, in addition to the participation of several guest instrumentalists: Clara Ramos and Darío Montero on violin, Ágata García on viola, Tara García on cello, Liberto López on double bass, Juan José Hernández on guitar, Juan Manuel Martínez on percussion, Alicia Galiana and José Galiana on piano and Ramón Cano on organ. “When the Capella, the Escolanía, sing outside the Mystery, it is always something extraordinary”, emphasizes the Mestre de Capella.

Precisely, with children in mind, the concert time has been set at 5.30 pm, so that they can enjoy it together with their parents and grandparents.

Ángel Bonavía, rector of Santa María, and María Teresa Botella, vice president of the governing board of the Patronato del Misteri, have indicated that the health measures to be adopted are those established right now by the health authorities for events of this type.

The Mestre de Capella, the vice-president of the Misteri and the rector of Santa María, this Tuesday. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

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