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One in ten infections between schoolchildren already occur inside classrooms

The tent for PCR that has been installed in Elche

The tent for PCR that has been installed in Elche

One in ten infections between schoolchildren already occur inside the classroom. The person in charge of Public Health, Isaura Navarro, specifies that these cases occur mainly among Infant students, from 3 to 5 years, and Special Education, since none of them have to wear the mask in the classroom.

Delegates of the CC OO teaching union warn that in the last Health and Safety committee, the technicians already warned about the first cases within schools, and the Ministry of Education confirms in its weekly data balance that 90% of infections They come from abroad, so the remaining 10% is of internal origin.

Teachers and families had been expressing their concern and concern in this regard, including through a report sent by a hundred from directors of educational centers to alert on the need to give a twist to current protocols to contain the pandemic in education.

The regional secretary of Public Health, Isaura Navarro, assures that the existing protocols are being followed and that they continue to perform PCR on students whether or not they have symptoms, thanks to the collaboration, prior payment, of the private company, although He was unable to specify how much money is being allocated to control outbreaks in schools.


Despite this, Public Health has had to decree the closure of the first of the public schools in the province due to the lack of control of the pandemic. This is the Gargasindi Special Education Center in Calp, with 9 of its 13 confined classrooms and what has led the health authorities to communicate the closure to families so that this Monday, Monday they will not take their children.

Navarro assures that PCR has been practiced on both students and teachers and that the volume of infections recommended students the temporary closure of the center. “The center will reopen as soon as the situation is controlled and does not pose a risk,” specifies the person in charge of Public Health to INFORMATION.

Regarding possible lags in the control of the pandemic in other educational centers, Navarro emphasizes that from his department «emails have been sent to all health centers to report pending cases in the educational field and thus organize their immediate processing, notifying them to fathers and mothers ». He also insists that it has been epidemiologically proven that “When the centers are open, infections are reduced and when teachers and students are on vacation, cases increase”.

The weekly balance of cases computed by Education reveals, however, that in the province of Alicante 19 more centers are affected by the covid than the previous week, 168 among a total of 638, which covers just over 26% of the total.

In addition, a dozen more classrooms have been closed, a total of 324, which implies the confinement of around 8,000 students to an average of 25 per classroom.

The province continues to lead this week the worst data on the evolution of the pandemic in the educational field, having worsened 2.5 points over the previous week, while in the Community as a whole it remains that 97.9% of the classrooms have no incidents due to covid.

Education concludes that the last week reflects a “prudent stabilization of the cases that are detected in the educational framework”, and like the person in charge of Public Health defends that “the established protocols help reduce transmission.”

A private company speeds up PCRs in schools

The health authorities have been forced to resort to private companies to decongest and speed up the avalanche of PCR tests necessary to control the coronavirus in schools, as explained by the regional secretary of Public Health, Isaura Navarro. To do this, tents are installed in collaboration with the town councils and the company Sistemas Genómico through which, by appointment with the families, the schoolchildren pass in the car and are given the test to diagnose if they are positive for covid, without having to leave the car. So far, tents have been needed in Alcoy and yesterday they were installed in Elche, in the parking lot adjacent to the athletics tracks of the Altabix sports center between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. The municipal heads of Health and Emergencies have held previous meetings with the managing director of the General Hospital to “establish the contingency plan.” Mayor Mariola Galiana highlights that the operation tries to “decongest” both the health centers and the hospital.

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