Thursday, October 6

One million Brazilians signed a letter in defense of democracy 52 days before the elections

  • Left and right parties, businessmen, artists and activists denounced Bolsonaro for questioning the electoral system

  • The president is seeking his re-election in October but for the moment the polls do not favor him over Lula

One million people joined this Thursday the “Letter to the Brazilian Men and Women for the Defense of the Democratic Rule of Law” which seeks to draw attention to the “dangers” that surround the electoral campaign since the president Jair Bolsonaro questioned the transparency of the voting system. A crowd participated in the act that took place at the Faculty of Law of the University of Sao Paulo, where the document was read. Bolsonaro did not take long to respond to the forces of the left and right that converged on the capital of São Paulo and once again described “letter” the text that also warns about the risks that threaten “democratic normality”. The document has refrained from naming the retired captain. But all the signatories knew who was responsible for the “unfounded and unsubstantiated attacks” against the electoral engineering that has prevailed in Brazil since the mid-1990s.

“After 200 years of Independence in Brazil, we should be thinking about our future, about how to solve serious problems related to education, health, the economy… but we are dedicated to prevent setbacks“, said the rector of the University of Sao Paulo (USP) Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior, opening the event. “Civic movements throughout the country made it clear to the would-be autocrat of the Planalto Palace the non-negotiable limits of Brazilian democracy. Periodic elections, respect for their results and the investiture of the winners are written in stone in the 1988 Constitution,” said the newspaper Folha in your editorial.

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The document, which began to circulate at the end of July, was inspired by the historic “Letter to Brazilians” of 1977, conceived as a tool in the struggle for the recovery of democracy. Manifestos have since become a way of communicating more than just political programs. In fact, his own Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvafavorite in the polls and ahead of the October elections, wrote his own “Letter to the Brazilian people” in 2002, the year he finally won the elections that allowed him to govern until 2010.

Bolsonaro strikes back

“It was a letter to Brazilian corruption, that’s what the PT (Workers’ Party) did when it took power,” said Bolsonaro, who not only criticized Lula again but also businessmen, bankers, social activists, artists and intellectuals who, by signing the recent document, intend to have a “passport of good people”. A few days ago she had even more aggressive words: “Those who sign that letter are some rascalsI’m not going to say any other adjectives here because I’m a pretty polite person.”

The electoral campaign officially begins next week. But, strictly speaking, Bolsonaro and Lula himself have been in the race for the presidency for a long time. The surveys They assign the former president an advantage of at least eight points and predict a victory in the second round.

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Bolsonaro hopes to close the gap on the basis of an aggressive social aid plan that will run until December. At the same time, he raises the specter of military intervention and the lack of knowledge of an adverse result in October. The president has spent these months raising the tone of his threats and fake news, to the point of repeating them in front of part of the accredited diplomatic community in Brasilia. Before them he once again questioned the effectiveness of the electronic ballot box that, four years ago, allowed him to win the elections and form the first far-right government in the history of this country.

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The Bolsonarismo will try next September 7 to carry out its own show of force in the streets. He hopes in that sense that the Independence Day allow the retired captain and his allies to gain more momentum in the face of the last four weeks of an electoral campaign that, it is usually pointed out, will not be without its peaks of tension.

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