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One month and 7 points to follow to grow your self-esteem

If we are depressed and do not value ourselves as we deserve, it is like walking through life tied to an anchor: we are not going to squeeze our full potential. But that can change.

The self esteem, in its proper measure, is a powerful tool to relate to others, and get the best out of ourselves. Although we must not go too far, because too much self-esteem leads to self-centeredness.

On the opposite side, lack of self-esteem can lead to depression, apathy, and even physical abandonment. And what is worse, to self pity.

The always great Stephen Fry, accustomed to dropping pearls of wisdom, explains on the BBC that self-pity can lead to destruction. If one day he wrote a book to achieve happiness, it would only have one page, with a single line: “stop feeling sorry for yourself“:

But as Fry himself admits, it is not easy to apply this phrase, because People with low self-esteem tend to feel sorry for themselves. So the key is in improve self-esteemthat is, learning to love ourselves a little more, to value what we do and what we are, and try to improve it.

The specialist in emotional coaching Maite Pregal, via Business Insider, offers us 7 points to grow our self-esteem in just one month.

Accept what you are, and support what you are good at

Many people get frustrated because they don’t achieve their goals in life. But there are a couple of immutable truths that we cannot control: No one is perfect, and no one can be good at everything. But with time, practice and patience, it can be learned.

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Another truth is that everyone is good at something. Or at least, he’s better at it than other things. Look for what you are good at, and enhance it.

have positive thoughts

If you tend to see the bottle as half empty, it’s time to see it half full. Negative thoughts are just points of view. Think positive, and everything will be better for you.

Stop using “I can’t” and focus on trying as hard as you can.

Choose realistic goals

Many failures come because we set goals that are too ambitious. You must be honest with yourself and set goals that you can meet.

Another important piece of advice is to be short term goals. That is, don’t set yourself as a goal: “I’m going to pass the university degree in 3 years”. Change it to “I’m going to pass Maths and Language in the first term.” And go adding new short-term goals, when you meet one.

Do not compare yourself with others

Trying to look like someone or being envious of the achievements of others is a waste of time.

Each person is unique, different, and therefore they cannot be compared. Focus on yourself and don’t look around.

take time for yourself

For increase self-esteem, It is important that you learn to take care of yourself, and spend time for you

Look for at least one moment a day for an activity that you like: reading, listening to music, giving yourself a massage, going for a walk… Something that makes you feel good, and be aware of it.

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Get rid of what makes you unhappy

The lack of self-esteem is usually in oneself, but sometimes what surrounds us brings us unhappinesswhich contributes to it.

If a friend misbehaves with you, if a family member always criticizes or reproaches you for things, if certain habits that you practice in your life make you unhappy… it’s time to put them aside. You have to break those chains of dissatisfaction.

And, if necessary, that also includes work…

At the end of the day, make a list of your actions

At the end of the day, Write down on a piece of paper, or on your mobile, the things you have done right and wrong.

It will help you to know what you have done wrong, and why you do not have to repeat them. That idea will be fixed in your brain while you sleep.

According to coach Maite Pregal, if you practice these tips in a month you will notice how your self-esteem has improved. Don’t lose anything by trying it!

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