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One month to renew the DNI in Cáceres and Badajoz


A Facua study reveals that in the two cities of Extremadura it takes up to a month to renew the national identity document or passport

Facua-Consumers in Action has carried out an analysis of the documentation units located in the 50 provincial capitals and the two autonomous communities due to the collapse that exists to renew the DNI. This analysis is caused before the complaints of the CSIF, UGT and CC OO unions that denounced the delay in renewing both the DNI and the passport.

Olga Ruiz, the president of Facua, has presented the results in a press conference. The study collects as of July 6 the moment in which a user is offered the appointment to renew in each provincial capital.

The study has shown that there is a large workload and the agency asks the Ministry of the Interior the importance of filling the 2,500 vacancies for non-police personnel to reduce this accumulation of work.

Likewise, it requests an improvement in the working conditions of these workers who do not have the necessary technical means to carry out their work with a guarantee. This report has been sent to the Ombudsman and to Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of the Interior.

two months of waiting

One of the results that was exposed in the study is that 23 of 95 offices offer to carry out this procedure in September, that is, within two months. Among these collapsed offices are the four that exist in Seville capital, five of the seven in Barcelona or two of the three in Valencia and Malaga

However, smaller offices have also been affected. The offices in Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Melilla, Girona or Logroño cannot offer services until September either.

On the other hand, 46 units offer prior appointments in the month of August, so in order to renew your DNI or passport you have to wait for another month. These offices are the 12 of 14 that exist in Madrid, the three of the five that exist in Zaragoza, the two in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or the two in Santander. In the same situation there are also two of the three documentation units that exist in Valladolid and Granada, and the offices of other medium-sized cities such as Badajoz, Almería, Burgos, Albacete, Castellón, Huelva, Lleida, Jaén, Cáceres, Toledo , Pontevedra, Ceuta or Huesca.

Those who least expect

It should also be noted that a total of 26 offices of the 95 analyzed offer prior appointments throughout the month of July. Among these twenty documentation units that are not saturated are the two in Palma, or one in cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Malaga or Murcia.

Most of the offices that have availability in the next three weeks are in medium-sized cities such as Córdoba, Pamplona, ​​León, Ávila, Palencia, Lugo, Soria or Teruel.

There are also some cities such as Zamora, Cádiz, Salamanca, Segovia or San Sebastián that offer the possibility of obtaining a date to renew or issue the DNI or passport within a period of less than a week, practically overnight.

How to claim?

Faced with the question asked by Facua partners to find out what steps to follow to file a claim for the saturation that this appointment processing system is going through, the organization clarifies that it is possible to file a complaint or suggestion through the ‘Services to the citizen’ of the web page of this organism. To do this, there is a form for requesting information or making suggestions, and another for filing a complaint through the electronic office.

In addition to this telematic route, there is also the possibility of submitting a document in person at the customer service offices or by post.

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