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One more year has passed since the fatal accident that ended the life of Ayrton Senna

The accident occurred on the ninth lap, at the Tamburello corner.

Photo: JEAN-LOUP GAUTREAU / AFP / Getty Images

Accidents are always prone to occur. Motor sport has been characterized for leaving the worst postcards of totally wrecked vehicles and pilots who must be withdrawn urgently. Without a doubt, accidents in this discipline are nothing new. Nevertheless, there was one that remained in history and it marked a turning point in motorsports. 27 years ago, a Brazilian pilot, suffered a serious accident on a track in San Marino. This clash would tragically end the life of Ayrton Senna, outstanding pilot three times world champion.

The motorsport legend performed exceptionally on every track he competed on. ‘Magic Senna’ stood out among all his rivals. The Brazilian went on to obtain 161 titles. But that figure, unfortunately, could not be increased.

In 1994 the Imola Grand Prix. Senna had not had the expected performance in the championship and was looking to vindicate himself. On that date, a young driver stole the flashes of the cameras and attracted the attention of motorsport lovers: Michael sSchumacher.

May 1, 1994 seemed like a normal competition day. But on the seventh lap, the Williams FW16 could not be controlled by Senna in the fateful Tambourine curve. A retaining wall was the first witness of the impact that the vehicle had more than 200 kilometers per hour. The Brazilian pilot suffered a fatal head injury after a suspension rod penetrated the visor of his helmet.

The terrible accident left the pilot completely trapped in his car. The scenes of that moment were marked in tension. All the automotive world I prayed this didn’t turn into a tragedy.

However, hours later, the doctor María Teresa Fiandri, head of the resuscitation service at the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna, confirmed the death of Ayrton Senna. This news shocked the whole world and marked a tragedy in the history of world sport. However, it served to intensify security measures and protection elements for vehicles and drivers.

The pilot was buried in the cemetery of Morumbí, in tomb 0011. Near this space is placed a flag of Brazil, to frame that there are the remains of a brazilian icon. In the place is a plaque that says: “Ayrton Senna da Silva-03/21/60 and 05/01/94. Nothing can separate me from the love of God”.

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