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«One of our tasks is to unmask the PSC, crutch and accomplice of separatism»




Vox has been in the Parliament of Catalonia for a year and a half, what balance does it make?

Vox has opened the trunk in which all the parties had launched a series of issues that could not be discussed, but that concern the Catalans, even if they are uncomfortable, such as insecurity, illegal immigration, the lack of a social alternative, which education is no longer the main social elevator… At last there is a real and frontal opposition to separatism and to the left.

In your interventions in the Parliament of Catalonia, your speech does not always audit the Government, it is often against the PSC, is it a strategy or something conjunctural?

Separatism and the PSC are the same. In each session of control to the Government we see Salvador Illa (PSC) offering pacts to Pere Aragonès.

Illa has resigned from the leadership of the opposition and I assume the witness. One of our tasks is to unmask the PSC, because it is the crutch and it is an accomplice of separatism. In Catalonia there is no economic, political and social freedom and it is also the fault of the PSC.

And the balance of the Government?

Aragonès talks a lot about great transformations, but they are nothing more than fireworks that the only thing they do is put aside the real problems of the Catalans. ERC and Junts have limited themselves to agreeing on positions to share power. And in these pacts has been the PSC. The Government announces that it is opening six ’embassies’ while cutting 55 million euros in dependency. This is your project.

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In recent weeks, Vox has agreed with Cs and the PP to go together to the Council of Statutory Guarantees (CGE) on the issue of the language law, will we see more agreements between the three parties?

We have proposed agreeing with Cs and the PP on other matters, such as illegal immigration and security, but they have not gone ahead because they have not wanted to. The pact on the law of tongues was exceptional.

In the Champions League final, played in Paris, there were robberies and assaults around the football stadium. You defend that this situation can occur in Catalonia, don’t you think that is something exaggerated?

No. Without a doubt, it can happen in Catalonia. In the 2021 election campaign I said that Catalonia is France ten years behind on this issue. But now I think it’s not ten years, it’s five. Catalonia leads the classification of jihadist arrests. There are places where you live in a parallel society. The other day, a woman who owns a business in one of these places told me that, despite being an independentista all her life, she now voted for Vox, because of the situation she was experiencing in her neighborhood, which is already unsustainable. I hope that the rest of the parties become aware. If they don’t want to, let them not agree with us, let them use whatever euphemism they please, but let them recognize a problem that is already overwhelming and could become unaffordable.

Why do you think we will look like France and not Germany, with a higher immigration rate than in Spain and without so many problems?

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I don’t know the data on foreign criminals in German prisons, but here we have a very high level. 81 percent of the young people who are in Catalan prisons are foreigners. This is the result of the so-called irresponsible effect of separatism and the left, which have also turned the Mediterranean into a graveyard. We must protect the borders, comply with immigration laws and not allow recidivism. Illegal immigration brings with it more crime and insecurity. It is a dramatic subject.

You defend improving the infrastructures of Catalonia. In this matter, do you agree with the Government?

Infinite distance with the Govern and Aragonès. We want them off the political board. We want to outlaw them. But it is clear that we have a problem in terms of infrastructure. However, it must be remembered that the Generalitat manages a large number of infrastructures and does not focus on it. The first thing that the Government has to do is comply with its powers and then we will see what is required of the Government so that it complies with the provisions.

What balance do you make of the Andalusian elections?

The balance is positive because Sánchez has less time left in La Moncloa. Andalusians have realized what leftist policies mean. It is good news for Spain that the left does not govern in Andalusia, although it is not the best news for Vox, which is an instrument of service to Spain, so we are happy with the result.

But Vox has not met the objective…

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The objective was to prevent the left from governing in Andalusia. It is true that we have not obtained the results that we wanted because we presented ourselves in an election to preside over San Telmo, and it has not been achieved.

Has Macarena Olona been seen as a skydiver?

No. Any Spaniard can appear in any corner of Spain. Olona has made a powerful campaign. He will lead the opposition to build the alternative.

Andalusia, Castilla y León, the Community of Madrid and Catalonia, it seems that Vox has a ceiling that does not show up in the general elections, at least in the polls.

The game has just started. Vox is a party that is growing, it is being formed. We need perseverance.

According to the polls, the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo rises more than with Pablo Casado and slows down the growth of Vox. Does Feijóo harm Vox?

I don’t see the PP or Feijóo as a problem for Vox. The problem is Sanchez. With the PP we have to manage to add enough to evict Sánchez. This is the goal.

What prospects do you have for next year’s municipal elections?

Very good. We will enter the provincial capitals.

Do you already have a candidate for Barcelona?

We haven’t decided.

Could it be Josep Bou, current leader of the PP in the Barcelona City Council?

Unsure. Bou will not be our candidate. We have militants and magnificent cadres in Barcelona to have to sign from another political party.

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