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One of the best Android mobiles is from Google and now it is at a record price: it costs half that of the iPhone 14

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Google Pixels go down and a lot in price in the weeks before their renewal, thus offering a golden opportunity.

Among the many Android mobiles that are for sale, there are few that offer a clean experience in this operating system, without pre-installed applications or services that make it work worse, slower and that its battery lasts less. Of the few devices that do, the Google Pixel stands out, with a Tensor processor and the purest version of the OS that exists.

The Pixels are approaching their renewal, and in a few weeks we must know the new Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro, which will arrive with high prices and a new processor. However, this is going to happen that the Pixel 6 drop in priceand quite a bit too.

For example, now the Google Pixel 6 is reduced to only 506 euros, half of what the new iPhone 14 costs, for example, which does break the 1,000 euro barrier. Although there are very obvious differences between the two, the Pixel is a excellent smartphone for those who like Android.

Pixel 6

And if this option runs out, here is another seller who also sells the same Pixel 6 for 506 euros.

Amazon also offers free shipping to all its users, with or without a Prime account, although if you don’t have it and take the opportunity to sign up for the free trial month without permanence, you can receive your purchase much faster at home.

If not, there is another Spanish store that goes even a little further, the Galician Tuimeilibre, which leaves it at 499 euros and also has national shipping with the three-year guarantee of rigor.

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Some of the best mid-high range Android devices are in this price segment, such as the Galaxy FE or some OnePlus, Oppo and vivo phones, although we insist that, as we have verified in their analysis, the Pixels offer a Totally different experience than its competitors.

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Google Pixel 6: Android as Google wants it to be

With the Google Tensor as a processor, a good screen and clean software, the Pixels are good phones. Somewhat more expensive perhaps than realme, Xiaomi and other low cost brands, although it is worth paying the difference without a doubt.

One of the features that we liked the most about these Pixels and all the previous models are the cameras, or rather the processing that is done on the photos it takes, which improves the result day and night.

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