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One of the detainees referred to Samuel as a “fag” in a meeting after the beating

One of those arrested by the fatal beating Samuel Luiz I know referred to the victim as a “fagot”, in the meeting held by some of the aggressors an hour and a half after the events occurred. The chief commissioner of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police, Pedro Ramón Agudo, assured Faro de Vigo yesterday that the researchers have “accredited” that meeting –Thanks to the participants– and also its content, provided by the witnesses who, upon seeing that a tumult had formed in a public park in the city – away from the avenue of Buenos Aires, where the deadly attack occurred -, They came to hear what these young people were saying.

One of them makes an allusion to Samuel saying that he was a fag, I think I remember that he said a shitty fag ”, Agudo said, about the contents of the summary of the case that, since Monday, has not been a secret.

A month has passed since the fatal beating of Samuel Luiz and the National Police continues to investigate who participated in the attack and what was their implication in the events and does not rule out new arrests. For now, the investigation indicates six people, three adult men, a young woman, also of legal age and two minors. All of them are investigated not only for the fatal beating of Samuel –Which could be classified in court as homicide or murder–, but also for an attempted crime against physical integrity because it is proven that Ibrahima, the Senegalese man who tried to protect Samuel until the last moment, was repeatedly beaten , interposing his body between that of the victim and his aggressors. Despite the initial account of the witnesses, the summary reflects that He helped him cross the street after the first blows to save him and stayed with him until the attack ended.

The three men have been in provisional prison – communicated and without bail – since July 9, when they were brought to justice for the first time. The two minors – one of them with a prior record – were also admitted to a center on July 9, just a few hours after being arrested and after they were handed over to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office. The young woman, who is a partner of one of the adult detainees, was released, although with the obligation to appear in court. Investigators consider that she did not hit Samuel, although they do consider her to be a “cover-up.” The fourth detainee, male and of legal age, is also charged by the Police misappropriation, allegedly having taken the victim’s mobile.

Agudo explained that the phone fell in the fight and that the fourth detainee picked it up from the ground, although without knowing who it was from. Agudo admitted that the device is already unrecoverable, since The young man, upon learning that the cell phone he had belonged to the victim, disposed of it by throwing it into a container two days after the attack, already knowing that it could be a test and did not tell it until days later. “According to the testimony, we know that before [de tirarlo] He tried to sell it to one of the group, ”Agudo added yesterday.

Regarding the tests carried out by the agents to find the suspects, Agudo said that they had a lot of importance the security camera from the pub El Andén, since it allowed them to identify the aggressors –both adults and minors–, but also the testimony, which now number more than 42, and the DNA analysis. Another of the actions carried out by the agents was the registration of the minor’s home with a prior and, in it, they seized “a metallic object that fits with a possible injury to Samuel.” “It may be compatible, but you have to prove it with DNA. One of the witnesses states that the minor habitually handles a kubotan [un elemento de defensa personal], but we did not find it. We know that he injured Samuel from the back to the head ”, Agudo commented.

The DNA results of this object and Samuel’s pants, in which “four different profiles that do not coincide with the other two” already identified appear, which are those that belong to the first detainee – the boy who was with his girlfriend and rebukes to Samuel for the video call– and to his friend –the one who leaves the El Andén pub with a bottle between his clothes, and who throws the victim to the ground with the maneuver of the mataleón for the first time– may take another “fifteen days” , so Agudo foresees that “at the beginning of September ”they may already have the information they need.

In the summary, there are at least two other young people identified by witnesses, who have not been arrested, because, as Agudo clarified, “their participation has not been proven.” in deadly assault.

Another of the Keys to the future of the investigation is in the dump of the mobile phones of the defendants, since, although when they handed over their devices to the agents they had deleted conversations from their social networks –including mobile messaging–, now are trying to recover the deleted information. “We have mobiles with more than 3,000 photos, some, even more,” Agudo declared yesterday, who assured that they will analyze all the content of the files.

“We know that the victim and the aggressors did not know each other, but imagine that an audio related to an indicator of hatred with an LGBTI issue comes out, obviously, the thesis of the investigation would be expanded,” said Agudo, who defends that, although the National Police You cannot qualify the facts, but you can “have indicators” that help to tip the balance towards murder or homicide.

“The violence, the criminality of the event … We have accredited an abuse of superiority, an absolute, extreme violence. Samuel himself covers his face, flees, tries to escape the attackers. All of this could fit into treacherous ways, ”Agudo pointed out. For the commissioner, if the minors were adults “they would be in prison.” “They had exactly the same behaviors as the elders, perhaps not as violent as those of detainees one and two, but specifically, the minor we searched for hits Samuel from the back very hard on the skull, for what aggressiveness is extreme”, He defined.

Regarding the DNA analyzes delivered to the judge, which directly point to the first two detainees, Agudo specified that one contains “epithelial cells from Samuel’s face that incriminate detainee number one for the punches he hits him in the face,” and the second is from the bottle stolen from El Andén, which appears broken next to the deceased. “We understand that the attack occurs with this bottle because that is how the witnesses manifest it and we can, with that DNA fingerprint, incriminate detainee number two about his stay and participation there,” Agudo said.

The judge summons the parties to define the charges

The head of Court number 8 of A Coruña, instructor of Samuel’s crime, has summoned the parties involved in the case to decide whether the instruction should go by the Organic Law of the Jury Court. According to article 25 of this law, the accused They must be summoned within five days for the accusation to be made against them; the defendants must go to their lawyers and the Prosecutor’s Office and the parties in person are also summoned. In this appearance, the parties may request the investigation procedures they deem appropriate and may also request that the cases against their clients be filed. It is a procedure in which, although the accused must be present, no statement is taken from them. The six detainees are under investigation for a crime of murder or murder and one of them also for misappropriation. In the case, in addition to the six detainees, the parents of the victim are present, as a private accusation, Ibrahima, for the damages suffered, when trying to defend Samuel from his aggressors, and an association as a popular accusation, which requests that the case is treated as a hate crime, since the witnesses assure that the assailants proffered insults like “shitty fag” to the deceased while beating him.

The defense of the fourth detainee asks for his release

The lawyer for the fourth detainee and also one of the minors, José Ramón Sierra, presented a brief yesterday before the Provincial Court to request the release of this young man of legal age, understanding that it is not proven in the summary that he had beaten Samuel. He is also charged with a crime of misappropriation, having allegedly taken the victim’s mobile. The investigating judge number 1, who was the one who took a statement from the adults in their guard duties on July 9, He sent him to prison when he understood that there was a risk of escape and also of destruction of evidence. This decision was reviewed by the investigator of the case, who ratified the measures adopted. Sierra maintains that “it cannot be said” that his client “had hit anyone.” “They say that he is imprisoned because he hid the cell phone and because of the result of the autopsy,” the lawyer clarified.

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