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One of the most complete smart scales measures fat and 15 more values, it is from Amazfit and now it is reduced in price

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Although there are many smart scales for sale, not all of them measure key values ​​such as body fat percentage. There is one that goes a little further, and it is also economical.

Now that summer is coming the so-called bikini operation begins, which leads millions of people to set strict goals in terms of food and weight loss, but how do you track your progress? A good way to do this is with a sports watch and a smart scale.

Of all the ones that exist, which are not few, the best thing is that you bet on one that measures the percentage of body fat. Although there are very cheap models, such as Xiaomi’s, if you can afford it, it is much better to get the Amazfit Smart Scale, which is reduced to 42 euros and measures many more parameters.

There are 16 values ​​in total, starting with the fat, but not only body fat in general but also differentiates visceral or subcutaneous fat, in addition to offering data on fluids, body age or bone massamong other things.

This smart scale measures body fat percentage and many other physical values. There are 16 parameters in total that you can consult in your application.

All this you can consult in its application, quite complete and with the option to add multiple family profilessince obviously everyone will end up using this scale at home in one way or another.

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Not everything ends there, and it is that there are more innovative functions that it offers. For example, you can calculate how many calories would you consume in half an hour in 18 different exercisesa good way to know based on your weight, age and body composition, what you can expect from your workouts and fitness sessions.

It can even calculate the weight of a baby in your arms if you indicate it, a good way to weigh the progress of the little ones in the house if there are any.

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Design is also something important and valued by users. It leaves the classic white color and opts for a very attractive blue and purple gradient, something that also adds value.

There are few smart scales with more complete WiFi not since they are below the price of the Amazfit Smart Scalebut there are also not those that are too close, and that is that the most similar models are around 80-100 euros.

To make matters worse and as you surely sense, as it is sold by Amazon, shipping is totally free to any part of Spain whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not.

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