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One of the muggers he disrupted in Congress took a lectern and auctioned it on eBay for nearly $ 15,000

One of the muggers he disrupted in Congress took a lectern and auctioned it on eBay for nearly $ 15,000

Photographer Win McNamee’s image has been around the world when a man carries a lectern of Congress.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

The images of the violent seizure of the Capitol by a group of supporters of the president Donald Trump Wednesday January 6 have remained in history. The assault on the Capitol left 4 dead and more than 53 people arrested. During the insurrection, the sympathizers carried symbols, flags, costumes and even weapons.

The photograph of a man dressed in buffalo horns and without a shirt taking the place of the President of the Senate and a robber leaving with a lectern from the Capitol they went around the world. It’s about the photographer’s image Win McNamee from Getty Images that made that moment happen.

Hours after the assault on the seat of the legislative power, the image of the lectern had been published on an eBay page where it was auctioned by $ 14,980 dollars. The image was shared by a user of the platform Reddit until eBay withdrew the ad when it had been more than 100 bids preventing the alleged auction from taking place.

Taking advantage of the historical moment and the confusion, photos of a man carrying a lectern have been auctioned, which although it is specified that it is only an image, is causing many buyers to think that it is the stolen object and wanted to acquire it.

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The page where the lectern was being auctioned was stored in a screenshot. The image mentions that after 167 offers the lectern was allegedly sold by $ 99,900.

Although the photographs that circulated on the platform Reddit offered a possible delivery date of the lectern between January 27 and 29, Ashley Settle, eBay spokeswoman confirmed to the site that any such listing “would be being removed” from the auction site.

The image revealed that the alleged seller, whose username is basdvic1, had been a member of the eBay platform since November 2012 and had received 10 positive comments on other occasions. The listing and sale of the music stand may they were posted online as a joke on the auction platform.

Congressional lectern auctioned on eBay for nearly $ 15,000
The image was taken on September 24, 2019, by Alex Wong of Getty Images and shows Nancy Pelosi walking to the lectern.

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An image search revealed that the photograph that was used on the eBay page was taken on September 24, 2019 by Alex Wong from Getty Images, when the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced the start of the formal investigation into President Trump’s impeachment on allegations that he tried to pressure the President of Ukraine to investigate his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Although the images on the lectern are genuine, it is unclear if the wooden furniture could have been sold or if in his case the object was even able to leave the Capitol building during the protests.

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