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One of the sailors hospitalized in Vigo with the Indian variant of Covid enters the ICU




One of the four sailors from the Prometheus Leader ship hospitalized in Vigo with the Indian variant of Covid has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, as sources from the health area have confirmed to ABC.

Is about a 49 year old man that, like the other three crew members who have required hospital assistance, had so far been treated on the floor at the Vithas Fátima hospital.

Total, there are seven infected by the Indian variant that landed in the port of Vigo aboard the Prometheus Leader, which recently made a stopover in India. The other three hospitalized are stable, in a conventional bed, while the rest of the crew, who are still on board and never left the ship, are being monitored and are under medical supervision, as specified on Monday by the president of the Xunta , Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The NYK Group, owner of the ship, has ensured that it is pending the evolution of the entire crew «before making any decision on the next movements of the ship. Thus, it has been reported that the infected sailors on board “are receiving treatment under strict quarantine conditions and are recovering well,” according to Ep.

With respect to rest of the crew, has reported that “gave negative results in the tests” coronavirus, although “on-board covid management protocols are being closely followed.” They are therefore being monitored ‘for any signs of infection’, and the ship ‘is being cleaned and disinfected regularly’.

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The NYK group studies with the authorities and the ship’s operator, Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM), when the ship and crew can be ‘released’ from quarantine current. In any case, to “make any decision about the next moves” they will take into account the evolution of the situation.

Additionally, the group has remarked that, according to Covid protocols, “all” sailors who embarked at the beginning of the month as part of the regular crew rotation “were tested for the virus before leaving for the ship, and all tested negative».

NYK has also indicated that family members of the crew have been notified of the situation and its evolution. He then also expressed his gratitude to the Spanish authorities “for their prompt intervention, care and treatment of the seven crew members, guaranteeing the safety of the” quarantine.

His “top priority” is “the safety of the local community crew.” «We will continue to support Wilhelmsen Ship Management to work with local authorities and health officials to face the current situation ”, they conclude.

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