Thursday, November 26

One step closer to the goal

Elche continues with a firm step towards its goal of permanence and yesterday it climbed a new step adding a valuable draw against a direct rival, as is the Levante, which allows it to maintain its five-point advantage with the relegation places.

In addition, the franjiverdes managed to score, for the first time this season, after the opponent went ahead on the scoreboard, something that had not happened until now. The people from Elche reacted on time and knew how to match Melero’s goal at 12 minutes. Tete Morente scored the equalizer, at 63, and did justice to what had been seen on the pitch until then.

It was an even encounter. Elche was able to take advantage of Levante’s weak moments after the 1-1, But Paco López’s team also had chances in the final stretch, but again, the figure of Edgar Badia emerged with two good saves. In the end, the distribution of points was the fairest, although it was much better received by the franjiverdes than by the granotas.

System change

Almirón changed, for the first time, the system of three centers and two lanes that had been giving him such good results so far. The loss due to Fidel’s injury forced the Argentine coach to modify the puzzle and, finally, he opted for a defense of four, in which Barragán occupied his natural position as a right-back, Gonzalo Verdú and Diego González were in the center of the rear and Josema played as an improvised left-back (Sánchez Miño and Koné they weren’t available either).

Josan advanced his position and acted as a right-handed winger, his usual position throughout his career, and Tete Morente struck from the left. Marcone served as the defensive pivot and embedded himself in the defensive line building the game from behind. Raúl Guti had more freedom of movement, while Pere Milla delayed his position to help the midfield. Lucas Boyé was the only offensive reference and, despite the Argentine’s capacity for sacrifice, on many occasions, he was too alone in attack.

Lucas Boyé tries a volley shot against Postigo’s opposition. MANUEL BRUQUE / EFE

The game started without anything remarkable happening until in the 12th minute, in a tight corner kick, Melero beat the green-and-green defense back and scored 1-0 at point blank range. Levante were ahead on the scoreboard and the future was not very promising for Elche, who had never been able to score against an opponent who had scored before.

The urgencies of the granotas, located in places of descent, led them not to take risks. The people of Elche were forced to stretch lines, but they did not create danger on the goal of Aitor Fernández. Just a shot from the edge of the area by Raúl Guti altered the Granota goalkeeper’s nerves.

After the break, the picture changed. Elche began to have dominance and control, putting Levante in their field. Josan tried with a forced shot and a shot without much force. Until in minute 63, in a rehearsed free kick, Josema put a good ball in the heart of the area and Tete Morente stretched her leg to finish off and establish the equalizer.

From there, a new game began and anything could happen. Levante accused the blow and Elche was able to score the second in a header from Gonzalo Verdú after a corner kick. The granotas staggered, but the people from Elche did not give the final blow either.

Paco López gave entry to Radoja and Rochina and the field leaned towards Edgar Badia’s goal. Former Green-Green Sergio León joined the local artillery.

Meanwhile, Almirón only took out Mfulu to give more muscle to midfield for a tired Raúl Guti.

The franjiverdes had difficult moments. Rochina asked for a penalty for a fight with Josan, in which the crevillentino touched him lightly, but without the necessary force for the referee to point out the fatal point. And in the 88th minute, Sergio León had a good shot to which Edgar Badia responded with a great save.

Levante’s insistence was more a desire than a power.

Almirón did not want to move the team any more, although it was advisable to gain freshness and be somewhat more ambitious. Only Guido Carrillo came out in the extension time for Lucas Boyé, who had taken a great beating to run and fight. In the end, the distribution of points that continue to leave the Granotas in a delicate position and that for Elche means advancing one more kilometer towards the goal of permanence and continuing with good inertia against their direct rivals for salvation, against those who do not has lost any matches. They have won two away from home: Eibar and Alavés and have drawn three: Huesca Celta and Levante.

Pere Milla fights for a ball. MANUEL BRUQUE / EFE

Tete Morente scores her second goal and reaches Josan and Fidel Chaves

French-green gunners. Tete Morente scored yesterday against Levante his second goal as a player for Elche and in the First Division. The Andalusian footballer ties in this way with Josan and Fidel, who also have two each, in the list of top French-green gunners. Pere Milla and Lucas Boyé, the players who act in more advanced positions carry one each. For his part, Josema, who yesterday relieved Fidel on the left side, gave the assistance and seconded the Huelva, who has two this season. The team from Elche is making the most of their goals this season and except against Betis, whenever they score, they score.

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