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One year to Qatar 2022, the World Cup under suspicion

The world more controversial history faces its final countdown. The November 21, 2022, just a year from now, the stadium Al Bayt it will host the inauguration of the great national team football event. It will be a unique tournament for a lot of reasons, starting with its dates and location.

For the first time, the World Cup will take place in autumn and will be held in Middle east, in an Arab country surrounded by all kinds of darkness. Ctie has been under suspicion since his choice And so it will continue until the final dispute, scheduled for December 18 at the brand new stadium of Lusail after 28 days of competition and 64 pure football matches.

Classics in danger

Before the political, economic and social aspect, it is time to review the sports aspect. One year after the tournament’s premiere, most of the major powers have a guaranteed ticket, including Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain or England. The drama hangs over the last two European champions: Portugal and Italy. Selection of Cristiano and the azzurra, who already missed the Russia-2018 appointment, will have to wait for the play-off in four months with only three places at stake for 12 teams.

The lottery of the group stage will be held on March 31. Will be the last World Cup with 32 teams before the implementation of the plan Gianni Infantino, which will bring together 48 countries at the 2026 event, which will take place in the US, Canada and Mexico. FIFA also plans World Cups every two years, but that will come in the future.

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No transparency

Before waiting for a tournament that has moved between shadows since his appointment in December 2010, when the Qatari candidacy He beat the US by 14 votes to 8. Five years later, Joseph blatter he was forced to resign due to accusations of corruption and bribery that would also lead to the French Michel platini, former president of UEFA.

The NGOs denounce the abuses of the workers in the construction of stadiums “stained with blood”


The lack of transparency has accompanied the organization of the event for the last decade, which had to travel until the fall for a simple weather issue. On summer the temperatures they reach 50th in Qatar. In November and December it will not be a soft paradise either, since the maximums are around 30 and the minimums do not fall below 18. This transfer of dates supposes a schism to adapt the different leagues and European competitions.

Exploitation and corruption

The greatest rejection has come from the exploitation of labor and the violation of human rights. In a country without a football tradition, a World Cup had to be designed at the expense of many people. With a budget total estimated in 200,000 million euros, the construction of the infrastructures has been a torment that has caused the death of more than 6,500 workers, with an average of 12 lives claimed per week since 2010.

International NGOs have condemned the mistreatment of workers, from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Kenya, with working days of up to 18 hours a day. All workers immigrants they will have to leave the country in August. «The planet must know that the 2022 World Cup will be played in stadiums stained with blood», Denounced the Foundation for International Democracy.

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International AmnestyMeanwhile, he recalled this week that abuses against workers have resurfaced one year after the appointment. “Qatar is staying no time, But it is not too late to go from paper to action. The time has come for the Qatari authorities to show their courage and fully embrace their program of labor reforms“proclaimed the association.

Impact of 20,000 million

Seven of the eight World Cup stadiums have already been inaugurated, the last one just this Saturday. Only the final stage is missing, located in Lusail, 20 kilometers from Doha. Seated on a sand sea, has a capacity for 80,000 spectators and is “98.5% finished”, according to the organization.

It will not be part of lto Arab Cup, the event that begins on November 30 and serves as a test for a World Cup whose “economic impact is estimated at $ 20 billion“, he assured Hassan Al Thawadi, General Secretary of the Delivery and Legacy Committee, which is in charge of the fine-tuning of all the infrastructures.

Eight locations in 50 kilometers

The construction industry and tourism will be the main beneficiaries in a World “pocket”, as has been described in many sectors by the proximity of the headquarters, located in a 50 kilometer radius. For the first time, it will be possible to attend two games in different cities on the same day without haste.

David Beckham, promoting the Qatar World Cup. EP

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The metro will connect everything. Nothing to do with the last precedent in Russia. Among the westernmost headquarters (Kaliningrad) and the easternmost (Yekaterinburg) there were 2,500 kilometers by plane and between St. Petersburg, the northernmost, and Sochi, the southernmost, the distance was 2,000. The odyssey of many fans to attend the matches was terrible.

1.3 million fans

More complicated will be the problem of accommodation. In a country of 2.7 million inhabitants, the presence of 1.3 million fans, which is an absolute challenge for the Persian Gulf emirate. There will be no choice but to develop “novel and temporary solutions” in addition to the hotels already available, he said. Fatma al-Nuaimi, responsible for communication of the organizing committee.

These substitutes include 16 floating complexes with 1,600 rooms, locations closed only to receive fans, large areas with tents and cruise ships. Ships will be turned into hotels.

Floating complexes, tents and cruise ships will serve to alleviate the lack of hotels


The executive Al-Nuaimi rebels against fierce criticism, defends her “balanced and modern” society and launches a prophecy: “Whoever comes to the World Cup will have the opportunity to clarify their misconceptions on Qatar, such as the rights of the womanTo promote the tournament, the organization has not spared any resources either: David Beckham is the media image and the great ambassador of the World Cup in exchange for a stratospheric contract of 175 million euros.

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