Friday, January 21

Onil will demolish the old Hotel Ónix as its reform is unfeasible

The old Hotel Ónix de Onil, emblematic building of colivenca social life, count the days to start your demolition plan. The great deterioration that the property has suffered throughout all these years makes its rehabilitation unfeasible, so it will be completely demolished. As the mayor of Onil explained, Humi Guill «This is the first step of the project, everything is already prepared so that urban planning can prepare the entire bidding process and be able to execute it as soon as possible, although we are aware that by the mere fact of being next to the Palace, which is a BIC“You have to take many things into account and the documentation has to go through many departments, although we hope to complete the process next year.” He also pointed out that “both this and the building next door will be demolished, a fact that makes the site even larger and the project more ambitious.”

The City Council has already prepared the demolition plan and is awaiting its tender to start it in 2022


The first mayor assured that “it has been a long process, as it should be remembered that despite the fact that it was municipally owned, it was leased from 2007 to 2017, the date on which the Onil City Council signed a agreement with the tenant company, the Madrid company C Dos Mil to resolve by mutual agreement the lease and power of attorney immediately regain possession of the property».

He further explained that “during the years of the lease, all the rights and obligations over the property were left in the hands of this company, including the hotel opening and the maintenance of its facilities, something that was never done, and hence the high degree of deterioration that presents the building so it cannot be rehabilitated, not even the façade.

As a result of the breach incurred by the company during the leasing process, the Onil City Council recovered a guarantee that it had with the company itself of 250,000 euros, an amount that, as Guill indicated, “will serve to start this demolition plan although the rest The project has not yet been economically dimensioned until the project is completed and we see how it is going to be undertaken at the municipal level ».

The building will be demolished in its entirety Juani Ruz

Great project for the future

The large number of meters that will have the site that occupies both the old Hotel Ónix and the annex building will allow the new construction of a new iconic building at the height of the place where they are located. Although the project has yet to be defined, Humi Guill assured that “on the one hand it will house municipal offices. The master plan of the Palace contemplates that all the administrative activity of the City Council must be concentrated in this building but in the end there is so much staff that we do not fit, that is why as this new building is going to be attached to the Palace we think it is the perfect location to build those municipal offices that we lack to have all the staff well divided.


On the other hand, there will be rooms and a restaurant with a terrace, to make it a unique tourist accommodation since its location is strategic to enjoy the recreational and festive offer of the municipality. Guill indicated that “we would also like it to have an underground car park but it is something that must still be consulted, because being next to the Palace we are not sure that this service can be carried out, it would be ideal to maximize the parking offer in the center” .

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