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Only 1.38 kg of weight and Windows 11: this Huawei laptop costs half that of a MacBook Air thanks to this offer

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One of the many laptops that Huawei sells is now at a very attractive price, especially for those looking for a Windows PC that weighs very little.

There is no doubt that Apple MacBooks dominate the computer industry, especially for those who can afford to spend more than 1,000 euros on a new computer. The arrival of their M1 processors with ARM has given them a big boost that makes them even more attractive, although if you prefer another cheaper option, alternatives are certainly not lacking.

A brand that is strongly committed to laptops is Huawei with its Matebooks, which are usually Ultra-light, lightweight PC with Windows 10 already upgradable to Windows 11. In addition, the prices are very, very competitive, as evidenced by the offer on the Huawei Matebook D 14 with Intel Core i5 that they have right now and that leaves it at only 599 euros.

It is a competitive price without a doubt, and it is that In addition to an i5 as a processor, it also has a 512 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM and an excellent weighing just 1.38kg, so it’s ideal for workers and students looking for maximum versatility.

As we have mentioned, it comes with Windows 10 pre-installed from the factory, although the brand clarifies that as soon as you turn on your new computer you will be able to update to Windows 11 to enjoy all its new features, thus giving this Matebook even more long-term travel.

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Despite the fact that it was presented in 2020, it is still a fairly powerful and competitive computercapable of moving practically any Windows program without problems and in a very fluid way, since the Intel Core that it equips is of the 10th Generation, the penultimate of this brand.

It also has some features that are still new today, such as the fingerprint reader to log in or the drop-down camera hidden under the keyboard, which improves privacy and allows you to maximize the size of the laptop.

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The design made of aluminum throughout its chassis conveys a premium feeling that few would expect from a computer that costs only 599 euros.

As always in the official Huawei store, shipping is free from Spain and you will have it at home in a few days. If you prefer some other options, we have been able to test several Matebooks that we are in a position to recommend.

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