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Only one in ten Catalans endorses the language immersion model




The vast majority of Catalans reject the linguistic model advocated by the Generalitat during the last decades, specifically only 1 in 10. It is the main conclusion of a survey presented this Monday in the Senate of the Electoral Observatory of Catalonia (linked to Catalan Civil Society) and carried out by GAD3 in the first week of December.

«This survey reveals that a vast majority of Catalans reject the Generalitat model, that model that they have presented as” success and consensus “has neither one thing nor the other. Only 9 percent of Catalans subscribe to the Generalitat’s model, “denounced Fernando Sánchez Costa,” he denounced Fernando Sanchez Costa, president of SCC during the presentation of the survey, this Monday, in the Upper House. According to the results of this study, the vast majority prefer a trilingual (64%) or bilingual (21%) system, with a similar proportion of Catalan and Spanish.

The survey was carried out on 1,000 people (1,002), all of them of legal age residing in Catalonia, from November 30 to December 9, 2020, so it has not been possible to collect their opinion regarding the judgment of the TSJC of Catalonia, which obliges the Generalitat to teach at least 25% of classes in Spanish and Catalan and recognizes that the use of Spanish in Catalan schools is “residual.” However, the president of the Assembly for a Bilingual School in Catalonia (AEB), Ana Losada, who also participated in the event, said that “this survey shows that Catalans agree with the courts and with the Constitution and ask that Castilian and Catalan be vehicular; meanwhile, the Catalan Government speaks on their behalf and their objectives are not related to sticky interests and a better future for our children.

Losada has urged the Government of Spain to “react” and enforce the judgment of the TSJC.

According to the study, for 12% of those surveyed, the formula based on teaching “everything in Catalan except for the subject of Spanish and one or two more core courses” is insufficient. It is precisely what the sentence shields (Language and one more core subject). The majority of Catalan citizens are committed to equitable bilingualism (21.4 percent) or trilingualism in variable proportions (53,5).

In addition, 61 percent showed that they strongly agreed that to reinforce the student’s curriculum at an international level, it would be advisable to have a common Spanish level test at the national level at the end of ESO. In this sense, Losada said that “there is no proof that shows that a Catalan student has the same level of Spanish as another student from another part of Spain.” In the same vein, the former Minister of Education, José Ignacio Wert, denounced it to ABC: “There is no evaluation outside of the Catalan system that makes it possible to ensure that knowledge of Spanish”.

In which there is almost full unanimity is in rejecting (81.9%) the policy of linguistic fines of the Generalitat. The survey also indicates that 60% of Catalans say that «the first language of educational contact should be the parents’ language». The Generalitat has always refused to recognize this right, protected by UNESCO and state legislation.

Rectify the «Celaá law»

Sánchez Costa made a “call for a great agreement of coexistence and linguistic pacification in Catalonia.” “That happens by assuming what the majority of Catalans want in school”, and asked that the education law, better known as the “Celaá law” be rectified, which is expected to be approved on Wednesday, so that “keep the vehicular character of Castilian. ”And the rule that will be debated in the Plenary of the Senate has eliminated this reference as a result of an agreement of the PSOE, Podemos and ERC.

For this reason, the SCC president made a call to the senators to “rethink the decision to withdraw Spanish as a vehicular language.” Sánchez Costa added that “the process has been a sprint and now it has become a marathon; we are working for the next few years; we have little hope but we will fight.

80% do not consider that there is discrimination based on language in Catalonia

The survey presented this Monday in the Senate reveals that the majority of Catalans (80%) do not consider that there is discrimination based on language in Catalonia. 60% also think that the current linguistic model does not harm personal or work life, although 33% do believe that the learning system basically in Catalan “hinders some aspects of the development of my work, professional or social life.” In this sense, the SCC president said that “there is not usually a profound linguistic problem in the street, where it exists is between citizens and the administration, between citizens and public space. I speak it on the street or with my children but it is not spoken at school», Explained the president of SCC.

The results of the survey confirm two other previous ones from the Observatori Electoral de Catalunya – carried out by GAD3 in 2015 and GESOP in 2017 – and reproduce a practically stable photograph of more than 4,000 Catalans interviewed during the last five years.

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