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Only parents should decide the sex education of their children | Sight

When it comes to protecting our children, there is no question: we have zero tolerance for pedophiles and we also insist that educating children about sexual orientation must be protected as an exclusive right of parents.

Hungary has gained much recognition for its pro-family policies. Apart from these policies and the tangible financial support offered to families, which have resulted in an increasing number of marriages and births, we have also adopted a number of provisions for the protection of children.

But the recognition has not always been positive. And this time, they are sounding the alarms across Europe.

“The liberal bulldozers are working once again against Hungary,” wrote Prime Minister Orban in his latest Samizdat, misrepresenting the spirit and letter of this law, which is in fact trying to protect children. They insist, he added, on a “hegemony of opinion instead of a pluralism of ideas.”

As always, it is important to look at the facts.

Every child has the right to the protection and care necessary for their proper physical, mental and moral development, this is established in the Fundamental Law of Hungary. The ninth amendment to the Hungarian constitution, adopted last December, guarantees the right of the child to be identified according to his biological gender at birth and an education based on the constitutional identity and the Christian culture of Hungary.

Acting in this spirit, the Hungarian National Assembly on Tuesday passed a new law that further strengthens the protection of children. As we expected, the law was instantly attacked by the liberal thought police.

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Yes, the law prohibits homosexuality and gender reassignment from being displayed or promoted to minors, but we have a very good reason for that. We believe this is necessary to protect children in their sexual development. We also believe that certain content should only be introduced at an appropriate age in the interests of children’s healthy psychological and mental development.

No matter how tough liberal mouthpieces are, as the CEO of ILGA-EuropeTry to make the public believe that by protecting our children, Hungary is, in fact, violating European laws; because, as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán writes in his last Samizdat on the subject, “the new Hungarian law does not conflict with any lofty ideal or European law.”

“The new Hungarian law does not conflict with any lofty ideal or with European law. The new Hungarian law simply states clearly that only parents can decide on the sex education of their children. Education in schools should not be in conflict with the will of the parents; at most, it must be complementary, its form and content must be clearly defined and it must be subject to parental consent, ”wrote the prime minister.

However, at the same time, and this is something our critics will not tell you, thanks to the new law, the Hungarian penal code will become stricter in the case of sex offenders, with increasing penalties and without statutes of limitations for the majority. . serious crimes. Additionally, a pedophile offender registry will be created to help prevent them from working jobs where they would run into children.

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Another fact that our critics will try to hide is that the bill actually serves to amend a previous law (Law XLVIII of 2008 on Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions on Commercial Advertising Activities), which already prohibited the display of advertising to minors. that represents sexuality by itself or popularizes deviation from the gender identity assigned at birth, gender alteration or homosexuality. So there is really nothing new: we are simply increasing the protection of a vulnerable group.

What’s more, the new law does not apply to the life or sexual practices of adults over 18 years of age. In Hungary, no one has a say in how adults live their lives, and it must remain that way. However, as Prime Minister Orbán observed, “the debate on the future of Europe, that is, our children, has only just begun”, and Hungary is ready to protect its position.

Zoltán Kovács is the Secretary of State for Communication and International Relations of Hungary.

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