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Opel presents the Rocks-e, the second electric quadricycle from Stellantis

Opel presents the Rocks-e, the second electric quadricycle from Stellantis

Opel presents the Rocks-e, the second electric quadricycle from Stellantis

Stellantis reinforces its commitment to urban mobility with the Opel Rocks-e, a new electric quadricycle that arrives, according to the German brand, to fill the gap between scooters and cars. With a size of just 2.41 meters in length and 1.39 meters in width, is he first cousin of the Citroën Ami, with which it shares many similarities both aesthetically and in components. Like the French, the Rocks-e can be driven without the B driving license, just the AM.

The Opel Rocks-e will become, at the time of its launch, the cheapest car from the firm from Rüsselsheim. This has been confirmed by Opel that, without detailing its price, it has assured that “it will be clearly lower than that of a small car and the monthly cost of financing will be similar to that of a subscription for public transport”. The Citroën Ami costs in Spain 7.200 euros and is eligible to apply for the aid from the Moves III plan.

To rule the city

The Rocks-e It is a car with an urban vocation brand. Hence its size, ideal for mastering the narrowest streets, but also its power and autonomy. As stated OpelOpel, your new urban vehicle is capable of driving a maximum of 75 kilometers between charges, a distance lower than the average carried out daily by city dwellers, at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The Rocks-e offers a turning radius of 7.20 meters, ranking among the best four-wheelers.

Its small size and features do not require a large battery, so Opel has only had one of them. 5.5 kWh capacity, which can be charged in just three and a half hours from a conventional socket. The three-meter charging cable is permanently connected to the vehicle and, as an option, an adapter can be purchased to plug it into public charging points. In total, your weight stays at 471 kilos.

Opel Vizor and opposite doors

The Opel Rocks-e is aesthetically very similar to Citroën Ami, with a square and robust design thanks to the protections that run along its silhouette. The German brand has been in charge of adapting it to its aesthetic language, betting on the Opel Viewfinder, the front end concept seen in the SUV Mocha and the compact Astra, which integrates the optical groups with technology LED. Likewise, while the passenger door opens forward, in the traditional way, the driver’s door opens opposite, backwards.

As the Which, the Rocks-e you will be surprised by a more spacious interior than it might appear from the outside. The two seats are offset from each other so that the passenger has more legroom, while the driver can adjust it to suit. In addition, the headroom is sufficient, even, says Opel, for “adults of 1.90 meters of stature. “Likewise, it is committed to maximizing space with multiple cargo spaces, the main one being 63 liter capacity at the passenger’s feet.

Technologically, it bets on the same solutions as its French cousin, that is, a digital instrument cluster offering speed, driving mode, battery charge, mileage and remaining range, and a mobile phone holder, which will be able to connect to the application myOpel to function as an infotainment system to use.

The Opel Rocks-e It will be available at dealerships of the German brand, as well as by purchase online and will be offered with three trim levels: Rocks-e, Rocks-e Klub and Rocks-e TeKno.

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