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Open letter from Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter, expressing her pain for the series

Two days after the last episode of the second season of Luis Miguel, his daughter, Michelle Salas, who has a leading role in it and a strong image of explicit sex in the last episode, publishes an open letter expressing his pain, anger, frustration.

“And suddenly I find myself needing to speak. Many know that I have not been a person who likes to clear up rumors. I have always stayed away from scandals and opinions even if they are about me because throughout my life I have learned that it is better for my mental health and to take care of those around me“, He begins by saying the open letter he published in the Instastory of his Instagram account and continues …

Since I can remember my life has been exposed to the public eye and I have lived surrounded by comments, criticisms, comparisons and inventions, to mention a few things. And yes, although I am used to it, I confess that it is something that sometimes costs me work.

I am a public person, but first of all I am a human being and a woman. A woman that many will think has had it all, but few know the truth. Maybe today is not the day to tell them, but I know that in Sometime I will open the doors of my life a little more, of how I grew up and how much it has cost me to be where I am today.

I am sure that that day they will understand many things and that a few will feel identified. In the end, we all share the same wishes, the same fears, the same doubts. We all fall down and get up, we all have difficult times. But hey, it’s another story …

Today, sitting at the desk in my apartment and with an open heart, I have a little trouble writing this and expressing it correctly, as it is a sensitive subject for me. It is not a work issue, but rather my personal life, my family, my childhood and my privacy. Which has been exposed and not in the best way.

First of all, it seems important to clarify that I did not allow the use of my image, my name and my personal life at any time. Just as they did not ask me if I agreed with my life becoming a television series and one of the main characters in its fictional interpretation.

Yes, I have lived unforgettable moments with my father and I am glad that they can know a small part of the relationship we have had. But I have to say that I find it truly unnecessary, disrespectful and unfortunate the way in which the production decides to treat a woman, her daughter, to finish this chapter of its story. Explicitly sexualizing her at 19 years of age and violating her privacy.

I dare to express my feelings because I think I should, and not for me alone. No person should, under any circumstances, feel like this and be treated in this way. Much less without your consent. It is not fair that they use my life and my story as if they had the rights to it and also distort it at their convenience.

At the same time I take this moment to thank very much each and every one of the messages and expressions of affection from the beautiful people who have cared for me. Infinite thanks for your unconditional support and for encouraging me to open up a little more than I think and feel with you.. I turn the page on this topic feeling a little better having talked about it. M ”, ends.

Letter from Michelle Salas about the Luis Miguel series. Photo: Instagram / Michelle Salas
Letter from Michelle Salas about the Luis Miguel series
Letter from Michelle Salas about the Luis Miguel series. Photo: Instagram / Michelle Salas
Letter from Michelle Salas about the Luis Miguel series
Letter from Michelle Salas about the Luis Miguel series. Photo: Instagram / Michelle Salas

In the series it is shown that, although he did not see her for 11 years, Luismi would have had contact with Michelle when she was little, and they had a very beautiful relationship. Relationship that, according to fiction, was resumed in Salas’s adolescence, when she sought him out and they even lived together.

In the series it is also shown that she would have fallen in love with her father’s manager, 20 years older than her.. Who secretly escaped to Madrid, and ends the last chapter with a strong sex scene between the brand new lovers.

The other version of the story, which is not featured in the series, says that Luis Miguel never wanted to recognize Michelle, the product of a very fleeting relationship with Stephanie Salas. What It was only in adolescence and thanks to Alejandro Basteri and Aracely Arámbula herself, that they began to have a closer relationshipThey even did a DNA test.

About the romance with the manager? Yes, it also tells the other side of the story, that Michelle fell in love with Alejandro Asensi, Luismi’s lifelong friend and who managed his career. When the singer found out they would have had a strong fight that ended in job and personal separation.

The question now is: What will Luis Miguel say about all this?… Surely nothing, as always. Or maybe yes, but in the third part of Luis Miguel The Series.

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