Wednesday, August 4

Open letter to the managers of “The Best Healthcare in the World”

I have allowed myself to put the “Best Health in the World” in quotation marks since, I suppose you have heard, no one believes it anymore.

One of my great doubts is if you have ever really believed it, or if it was just another example of your cynicism.

Something is becoming clearer: Spain had, and continues to have, one of the best toilets in the world. As for the Health System, it had, and continues to have, one of the worst …

That was obvious to anyone who, having traveled, had items to compare. When I say traveling, I do not mean to be on vacation for 15 days here or there, I mean to have lived abroad, and to have “enjoyed” a different health system.

Those toilets, which have proven their worth to me on numerous occasions for more than 23 years that I have resided in Spain, are holding on …

How long will they hold out? I’ve been wondering about it for years …

Until now, they only had to put up with bureaucracy (which seems logical, in any system) and politics (which is much less logical).

Bureaucracy is inherent in any system, and the bigger the system, the bigger the bureaucracy …

But what is not acceptable is that the policy aggravates the problem, instead of trying to solve it. Let me explain: In Spain, as in any democracy, there is political alternation in power. In other countries, the objective being the improvement of the system, right and left carry it out, each with its own methods, which gives a result that has been called “3 steps forward, one step back”. It is clear that it is not the most effective system, but it continues to advance. On the other hand, in Spain, the situation is quite different. On the right, the only thing that seems to interest him is to shield private healthcare against the attacks it will receive from the left as soon as it comes to power. On the left, what seems to concern him are the privileges of private healthcare, granted by the right when he was in power.

The result: Where we would have to have an integrated system that fights “all together”, we have two clans facing each other …

The real problem: Neither clans do anything to improve the system as a whole.

This situation has been maintained for years, the toilets have endured bureaucratic aberrations, they have endured exhausting shifts, they have endured complaints from users, more than justified, but of which they were in no way to blame. What they will not be able to endure is the virus. It has been very good for you that people in March realize this and go out to the balconies to pay tribute to those who fought, and continue to fight in the front line. What better way to keep them happy without spending a euro or an hour of your time trying to solve their real problems? They even worked in dangerous situations, without being able to count on the protective equipment that the WHO considered essential.

To date, the agenda to make an appointment with a traumatologist has been closed in Alicante for more than two months; Forbidden to break something, or to the ER! You are loading the system, but we are used to it.

What is more serious is that when I write these lines, the website of the Generalitat to make an appointment has not worked for 3 days, the only option: to call by phone … Here what you are charging, are the people. Between that and the possible lack of protective equipment, it is the toilets who pay for your mistakes.

The day there are no toilets, your ineptitude will be flagrant. Shame, I have known for a long time that you have not, but responsibility, yes, the laws say so, think about it….

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