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Oppositions to the National Police: suspended with a 7 and approved with a 4

It is difficult to understand that in a crowded and public selection process, such as the oppositions to National Police, there are up to four different cut-off marks for thousands of applicants in the same test. A situation that means that, in the same year, many opponents are left without a place with more than 7 in the psycho-technical test while others get it with a low 4.

This grievance is a consequence of the continuous errors and arbitrariness of the General directorate of police (DGP) in other preliminary tests of their oppositions. All part of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has already canceled several questions from the spelling test and more than 400 personal interviews during the latest calls. These are two exams that applicants must pass after the Physical tests and before the psychotechnical one, which is the last and definitive one.

Thus, the TSJM forces the Police to readmit all those opponents who were discarded due to spelling errors that were not such according to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language and after interviews that Justice keeps knocking down by arbitrary, like ABC already advanced. The problem then is that they have to face a psychotechnical in which they start with an almost insurmountable disadvantage compared to the rest, because the DGP forces them to get up to 3.3 points more than others to get the place.

And it is that, although the psychotechnical is the same for everyone in each call, those who arrive at that test after waiting three or four years for the Justice to agree with them are required the same cut-off mark of the promotion in which they were unfairly discarded before reaching that exam. As there are more and more, the problem is increasing.

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Examples of official notes of these oppositions in 2021: the ones below are readmitted after being arbitrarily discarded in 2018
Examples of official notes of these oppositions in 2021: the ones below are readmitted after being arbitrarily discarded in 2018

The most flagrant example is the one that affects numerous opponents who appeared in 2018. They were also discarded in interviews that the TSJM annulled as arbitrary, for which it condemned the DGP to readmit them. But forcing them to overcome the highest cutoff mark in the history of this test in the psychotechnical test: 7.38. That was the score obtained by the last applicant who got the place in 2018. When they were readmitted in 2021, many got almost 6.30 and some even more, up to 7.35. But, as the cut-off mark that was imposed on them was 7.38 three years ago, the DGP ruled them out again while others got the place in that same call with a 4.05.

The same thing has happened this year, when the cut of the psychotechnical is still below the approved (4.86), despite which there are opponents readmitted by judicial means who have once again been left without a place despite getting more than a 6 or a 7 on that same test. ABC has had access to specific cases, with names and surnames, which certify the previous examples in detail with the results of the DGP itself.

This difference responds to the different difficulty of the psychotechnician in each call for these oppositions. As is obvious, if the cut-off mark is almost 7.40, it reveals that it has been easy for many to reach the mark and even more so to pass. If, on the other hand, it barely exceeds 4, it means that the exam is much more difficult, because even many of those who get the place do not even reach 5.

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ABC has asked about this matter to the DGP, whose Training and Improvement Department He assures that he cannot “do anything other than comply with the terms stipulated in the sentences” of the TSJM. A court that, although it agrees with all the opponents who appeal against the DGP, nevertheless allows it to impose on them the cutoff grade of the promotion in the psychotechnician in which it did not even allow them to reach that test and not that of the year they actually do it.

And this despite the fact that the TSJM itself makes it clear that the tests for those readmitted must have “similar parameters and evaluation criteria” to be “assessed in a similar way.” Something that does not happen when opponents who have already been unfairly excluded are later required to score almost 7.40 in an exam in which it is already difficult to get a scratched 4 for everyone else.

Fraud Precedents

In fact, the TSJM also explains that it has “verified” that the DGP accumulates “fraudulent precedents” in the fulfillment of “various” sentences. The Madrid court thus disfigured the General Directorate of the Police that continued to commit fraud with opponents whom it had previously ruled out irregularly. And that is exactly what many of them denounce is happening with the psychotechnician. That is why they have taken this matter to the last judicial instance, the supreme court.

“The only thing we want is to compete on equal terms with the rest of our colleagues after several years without being able to do so, not because of us, but because of the DGP, which is the one that unfairly kicked us out of the opposition, as the Justice has already sentenced more than 400 times”, explain those affected to this newspaper. Like the one who got a 7.35 and was left without a place when others got it with up to 3.3 points less. His last hope is the Supreme.

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