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Oracle opens the first Cloud Region in Spain

Albert Triola Oracle Database cloud region

Oracle today announces the opening of the first Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region in Spain to meet the rapidly growing demand for business cloud services in the country. The new cloud region in Madrid will give Oracle’s public and private sector customers and partners based in Spain access to a wide range of cloud services to modernize their applications, innovate with data and analytics, and fully shut down their data centers. on-premises data.

“Local organizations and public institutions are taking firm steps to establish Spain as a country focused on technology-driven innovation,” says Albert Triola, General Manager of Oracle Spain. “With the opening of the Oracle Cloud Madrid region, we are furthering our commitment to help our customers take advantage of the best cloud technologies while enabling the highest standards of security, availability, and performance.”

The new Madrid region is Oracle’s 40th cloud region worldwide and will offer more than 100 OCI services, including the unique converged database capabilities of Oracle MySQL Heatwave and Oracle Autonomous Database. This comprehensive suite of cloud services provided by OCI can help organizations in Spain improve IT and operational efficiency, gain faster insight into their data, and build and deploy cloud-native applications.

The Madrid region is Oracle’s seventh cloud region in the European Union (EU). It will enable organizations to deploy resilient applications across multiple locations to provide disaster protection without sensitive data leaving the EU. OCI plans to offer new sovereign cloud regions for the EU in Spain and Germany in 2023.

A Steadfast Commitment to Drive Sustainable Operations Underscoring its continued focus on sustainability, Oracle has committed to powering all global Oracle Cloud regions with 100% renewable energy by 2025, including the new Oracle Cloud Madrid region.

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OCI Ecosystem Helps Accelerate Cloud Adoption OCI’s extensive network of more than 75 global and regional OCI FastConnect partners provides organizations with dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud regions and OCI services. FastConnect provides an easy, flexible, and cost-effective way to create a private, dedicated network connection with higher bandwidth, lower latency, and more consistent performance versus public Internet-based connections. Interxion, a Digital Realty company, is the host partner for Oracle Cloud Madrid’s new FastConnect location. Partners available at the launch of the Oracle Cloud Madrid region include Colt, DECIX, Equinix and Interxion.

The new cloud region in Madrid will give Oracle’s public and private sector customers and partners based in Spain access to a wide range of cloud services

Additionally, Oracle and Microsoft have a strategic partnership that enables joint customers to run workloads on OCI and Microsoft Azure. The partnership provides low-latency interconnection between OCI and Azure in 11 regions (Ashburn, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Jose, Phoenix, Vinhedo, Seoul, Singapore, and Frankfurt), a federated identity for joint customers deploying applications across both clouds, and a collaborative support model. This enables customers to run full-stack applications in a multi-cloud configuration while maintaining high-performance connectivity that does not require another architecture. Customers can also migrate existing applications or develop cloud-native applications that use a combination of OCI and Azure services.

Customers and partners embrace the new Oracle Cloud Madrid region

“The opening of the Oracle Cloud Madrid region is excellent news for our BELA project, as it allows us to safeguard the valuable data we handle even more securely than before, and helps us facilitate regulatory compliance, data sovereignty and their protection”, stated Álvaro Gaviño, global leader of behavioral economics at BBVA.

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“In order for our information systems to be aligned with business objectives, it is key to offer them globally and at the same time guarantee the best local experience. The Oracle Cloud Madrid region is essential, as it will allow us to achieve higher application performance, improve connectivity with end users, and accelerate interconnection with other clouds in Spain and southern Europe,” says Alejandro Las Heras Vázquez, technology director of the EULEN Group.

“We believe that the opening of the Oracle Cloud Madrid region is key to supporting communications and regulations that help us implement IT solutions in the Iberian region”, said Antonio de la Torre, director of databases at DIA .

“Due to the nature of our industry, our group’s businesses require a variety of capabilities that can only be achieved in the cloud. Our cloud journey with Oracle was completed in less than a year, allowing us to maintain security and business continuity. A local cloud region will further benefit our strategy, helping us reduce service latencies, secure data regulatory framework and combine a variety of cloud services to respond to our business challenges”, said Mateo Ramón, CIO of Grupo Piñero .

“Oracle’s cloud platform is key to the development of our center, our overall growth, and the onboarding of future members and partners. For BHH it is important to have a computer platform that guarantees data security and stable, efficient and effective operations. Oracle is part of our digital health ecosystem. We collaborate and fully trust their cloud services”, says Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub (BHH).

“One of the key drivers of success in the cloud market is helping our clients adopt the cloud to grow their businesses, offering a complete and differentiated portfolio with the support of reference partners. Our alliance with Oracle will allow us to expand our cloud services and strengthen our strategic positioning in PaaS, as well as reinforce the value proposition of our database and middleware applications with one of the market leaders”, indicates María Jesús Almazor, CEO of cybersecurity and cloud of Telefónica Tech.

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“The opening of an Oracle Cloud region in Spain is more than good news. We congratulate Oracle on this decision, which will greatly contribute to the innovation of new products and cloud services. This is a great opportunity for our mutual clients and, without a doubt, a great boost for their journeys to the cloud”, said Ramón Pérez, chief sales and portfolio officer of Capgemini.

“The expansion of Oracle’s cloud offering in Spain is cause for celebration and further proof of the growing demand for cloud migration as a fundamental axis of business growth in the country. Oracle’s commitment to Spain is an engine of technological progress throughout Europe”, says Noel Bravo, director of cloud and alliances of Kyndryl Spain and Portugal.

“We congratulate Oracle for the opening of its Oracle Cloud Madrid region, which brings one of the most advanced cloud technologies to Spain. This will be a powerful lever to help advance the business strategies of Spanish organizations and public sector entities, including Spanish universities, which rely heavily on new technologies in their quest for innovation,” says Santos. Pavón de Paula, general director of UNIVERSITAS XXI.

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