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Orban tries to launch a ‘new European right’ with Salvini and the Pole Morawiecki

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Polish ally, Mateusz Morawiecki, met this Thursday in Budapest with Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing Italian party League, to try to lay the foundations for a new European political grouping referred to as the “new right”. After your party, Fidesz, has been expelled from the European People’s Party, Orban seeks a way to gain influence in the union by associating with other nationalist movements.

Salvini has for now excluded the possibility of forming a new group in the European Parliament, but has been open to Italy, Poland and Hungary trying to form a platform and “reorganize the European right”, as Orban has said, and “plan the future jointly”.

For now it is only an agreement of principles on “a new idea of ​​Europe”, without affecting the balance of the European Parliament, but “nothing excludes that it could lead to an alliance, perhaps for the community elections of 2024,” Hungarian diplomatic sources suggested yesterday, with the merger between the Identità and Democrazia families (75 seats, 28 of the League) and that of the conservatives and reformists (62 seats), which would lead to a force of 137 seats in the European Parliament, a squad sufficient to undermine the so-called ‘Úrsula majority’ of the right, established by the pro-European families of Popular, Socialists and Democrats and the Liberals. of Renewing Europe, with the external support of the Greens. “That could make them a force to be reckoned with in Europe if they can resolve their differences, including those in the League in Italy,” considers Zoltan Novak of the Center for Fair Political Analysis. Salvini strongly supports Orban, and the League could help create a new pole in the European Parliament. ‘

“We are here to plan for the future; Salvini said that we agreed that we wanted a European Renaissance and that we would work together »

During the meeting they discussed a project for a European renaissance, an axis between sovereign forces for an “alternative vision to that of a bureaucratic EU away from the citizens,” Orban said after the meeting. The objective is to expand the field of action to “other parties and other governments, as well as exponents of civil society, starting with businessmen and intellectuals.”

According to the Hungarian ‘premier’, at the meeting held in a carmelite monastery they talked about the future of Europe and the plans of the right-wing parties. They agreed to develop a program in the coming weeks in which they will formulate their common values, which include national sovereignty, family and Christianity, as well as their rejection of communism, illegal immigration and anti-Semitism. They will meet again in May, probably in Poland, to put the work together. “We want to end the ridiculous claim that the right always has an advantage and the left always only a middle,” he said.

Ideological affinities

The ideological affinities between the two groups are evident, from hostility towards further EU economic integration to push for restrictive immigration reforms and ‘border defense’. Sources close to the League confirmed the synergy between the parties.

The nationalist parties have previously tried a European association, but until now a solid project has been impossible due to the nuances that differentiate them and the position with respect to Russia of their governments. Orban cultivates a warm relationship with Vladimir Putin and it has spoken out against sanctions on Russia and uses Russian gas, oil and nuclear energy, as well as being the first European country to apply the Russian vaccine. Salvini is also pro-Russia, but Poland considers Russia a threat.

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