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Organized crime leaves at least 14 dead in various colonies of Reynosa

State police agents guard the area where an armed commando murdered several people this Saturday, in the city of Reynosa (Mexico).
State police agents guard the area where an armed commando murdered several people this Saturday, in the city of Reynosa (Mexico).José Martínez / EFE

Armed men who were traveling in several cars have spread terror this Saturday afternoon in Reynosa (Tamaulipas), distributing shots left and right to end the lives of at least 14 people. The first shots rang out in the Almaguer neighborhood, where seven people fell dead. They were at an address on one of the avenues in that area. The same armed group soon after assassinated a man in the Obrera neighborhood, according to local newspapers, some of which raised the death toll to 30. They later killed the owner of a grocery store, where the shots also hit a customer. In the Bienestar neighborhood, they ended the lives of three other people, who were opposed to leaving the van in which they were traveling, according to the newspaper Reform. The confrontation with police forces left another person lifeless. Some reports indicate that the clashes with the agents resulted in more deaths.

Finally, the police stopped a car whose driver was carrying two women in the trunk and seized several vehicles and two weapons. In addition, the Government of Tamaulipas reported this Sunday that four armed civilians who “participated in the killings of 14 people in different neighborhoods of the city of Reynosa” were located and that, after a confrontation with the police, they died. “The individuals resisted and attacked police personnel, who repelled the attack,” they reported in a statement.

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Reynosa at times becomes a lawless city. Bordering the United States, the economy flows in huge trailers from one side to the other, but it is also a land besieged by the dark businesses of drug trafficking. It is the passage of immigrants, who become easy prey of organized crime, which subjects them to kidnappings in exchange for the little money they have when their lives do not end in a massacre that shakes the foundations of the country, as happened with the 72 of San Fernando (2011) or the 19 Guatemalans burned in Camargo in February. There are several cartels that move in the State.

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This Saturday, the weapons rang again in Tamaulipas, leaving a number of bodies still to be determined. To which we must add another three in previous days, who were found at different points, two men and a woman with obvious signs of criminal violence.

Tamaulipas is going through a political crisis that lasts for months, after the governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, barricaded himself at the government headquarters to prevent the arrest dictated by a judge in a money laundering process. The United States has also requested his arrest, which is opposed by the State Prosecutor’s Office. Although at the moment a federal judge has given him the provisional suspension of the arrest warrant, the matter continues to await a final judicial resolution. In full elections, the president of Morena, Mario Delgado, denounced through social networks that men with long weapons had intimidated them when he was traveling with other politicians in a van through Matamoros. “We regret the situation of violence in this state,” he said then.

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