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Orihuela reinforces beach cleaning with an external contract to fill service gaps

Cleaning on a beach on the Oriolana coast by municipal employees, in a file image.  |  INFORMATION

Cleaning on a beach on the Oriolana coast by municipal employees, in a file image. | INFORMATION

The Orihuela City Council will award in the next few days a contract to reinforce the cleaning of the beaches with a maximum cost of 372,924 euros per year. The Oriolano consistory thus resorts to an external contract as support for the maintenance of its sandy areas, which is currently handled by the street cleaning and garbage collection service, which is municipalized in Orihuela. The council justifies going to an external contract to reinforce its beach cleaning service due to the shortcomings of the municipal service. Thus, among the reasons for “the need” to hire the support service, he points out that since the municipalization of the street cleaning and MSW collection service in 2012 there have been casualties among the staff “due to deaths and disabilities , which have not been replaced. ‘ In addition to the lack of personnel for the provision of services in adequate conditions, the City Council points out in the file, “the insufficiency of mechanical means must be added” as the municipal service has a single tractor throughout the year for screening tasks and leveling the beaches, “to which maintenance and repair work must be carried out, during which it must be replaced.” On the other hand, the contract also motivates the fact that cleaning needs have increased due to the construction of new homes on the Oriolana coast and the increase in the commercial and leisure offer in the area.

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The new contract, which contemplates the possibility of two extensions of one year each, will allow the maintenance period of the Oriolan beaches to be extended, which will be from Holy Week until October 12. According to the specifications, the contract aims to support the beach cleaning work, carried out by the municipal service operators, during holidays, substitutions, service extensions, high season and reinforcement, including tractor work with driver included and «beach cleaner» implement for sand screening and oxygenation in sandy areas and scraper implement to level beaches, change and emptying of bins and promenades, manual revision and removal of remains left by users and waste from the sand area , dunes and coves and, in high season, cleaning the periphery environment.


The contract will be awarded at a next local government meeting to the UTE Elsamex SA-Transportes Europeos del Campo de Cartagena SL, which has been the best rated by the contracting table, which gave it the go-ahead a few weeks ago, after not few bureaucratic problems. The contract should have been effective as of August 8, 2020, but is still pending. Thus, the file began at the end of 2019. In March 2020 the report of the contracting authority was prepared. In June of last year the envelopes of the 8 interested companies were opened. In July the scores were released, with the company TSC Ingeniería Urbana SL being the best scored. But in September it was excluded because it was understood that the economic offer it presented was not viable, requiring the next best-scored, the UTE Elsamex-Transportes Europeos de Cartagena, to present documentation. However, there were allegations from some companies that were left out. On January 11, the contracting table gives the go-ahead and proposes the award of the service to that UTE, which is published on the contracting platform on February 5.

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The mayor of Road Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, explained to INFORMATION that the service will allow “to reinforce cleaning in the afternoons and more staff and thus maintain our eleven blue flags.” Aparicio hopes to be able to count on this reinforcement in the coming months.

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