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Orihuela will keep the playgrounds closed until March 14

A municipal worker in a playground in Orihuela

A municipal worker in a playground in Orihuela

The City Council of Orihuela will keep the playgrounds closed in the municipality, at least, until March 14, despite the recent relaxation of health measures against Covid-19. This limitation will not affect parks and green areas in general, only to those of children’s games, as explained by the Department of Infrastructures. The PSOE requested yesterday the opening of the playgrounds, as they have done in other municipalities of the province, after having been closed for 8 months.

The councilor in charge of the Parks and Gardens service, Ángel Noguera (Cs), has justified this decision with the conviction that the incidence numbers of the pandemic “are improving in Orihuela, something to which interpersonal distancing has precisely contributed, but aware that we cannot lower our guard and allow all this effort to be thrown to the ground if playgrounds become places of influx of people of all ages, not just minors, because they do so accompanied by older people, who interact in a very small public space. “The mayor considers that waiting until the third week of March, unless there is an autonomous provision in another sense, “does not suppose a great sacrifice and it will make us avoid the risk of possible outbreaks that, in Orihuela, they have been repeated especially in the school environment, so we do not want these playgrounds to be an extension of that vulnerable environment ”, he indicated.

Noguera also wanted to point out that Orihuela has more than 200 playgrounds in his municipal term and opening them, he says, could mean generating that same number of possible sources of contagion when the regional norm, he adds, continues to expressly limit groups of more than four people who do not belong to the same family group in spaces of public use even outdoors, “something that precisely in a playground it is very difficult to fulfill and control for the mobility of minors and the fact that they are accompanied by their parents at all times ”, indicates the Oriolano councilor.

Noguera wanted to respond to the request of the socialist councilor Maria Garcia, who criticized the decision to leave these spaces closed despite the anticovid measures being more flexible, stating that no one like him wants to give normality to Orihuela’s playgrounds, “but always in safe conditions.” The mayor recalls that the PSOE mayor already demanded this opening of the spaces for the little ones “just a few days before the Generalitat itself, with its party in the autonomous government and at the head of the Ministry of Health, hardened the anticovid measures maintaining these restrictions “, for which he has asked García that”put prudence and responsibility first to his desire to give a headline, thinking of all his neighbors, and especially the little ones “.

For its part, from Cambiemos Orihuela considers “shameful” the decision of the local government to keep the playgrounds closed. The training “suspects” that health reasons “are an excuse to cover up mismanagement of public space“and remember that this decision has not been consulted with the opposition and that It is typical of a «shabby, adult-centered and consumerist» political mentality to normalize consumer spaces but question playgrounds, says its spokesperson, Carlos Bernabé.

Cambiemos Orihuela thus joins the PSOE’s criticism of the PP and Cs government for keeping the parks closed. The municipal group recalls that, in the month of October 2020, it already proposed to prioritize the opening of parks as long as the regulations allow it through a policy of cleaning, surveillance and adequate management. In this regard, the spokesperson for the group indicates that “the game between equals is a fundamental element for development, but not only that, it is that it is absurd to tell a family that they can sit in a bar to drink, but not go to play in the park that is 10 meters away ». For this reason, and taking into account that school environments have generally been revealed as safe places, the opposition group points out that the reopening of playgrounds in safety conditions is perfectly feasible “as long as the government has the will and capacity politics, but it has neither one nor the other. ‘ «It looks like the bull has caught them, while other municipalities have prepared the ground for de-escalation and to process financial aid, here they were more aware of the whining against the Valencian government ».

Barnabas wonderedwhy you hadn’t prepared a plan and schedule to prioritize reopening. For this reason, he considers that the non-reopening is due, in part, to the fact that the local government “has been unable to prepare the ground by not reinforcing resources in that area, an issue that connects with the null information received by the opposition“criticizes the spokesman for Cambiemos.” The mayor of Orihuela only calls meetings to monitor the pandemic when he is interested, systematically breaking his own word, and only informs or consults the decisions that suit him, something as delicate as the situation of the parks that affects many minors and families, should be, at least, discussed “, Carlos Bernabé ditch.

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