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Orihuela will spend 70,000 euros on a modern “streaming” system

A recent telematic session, with schoolchildren, in the plenary hall of the Orihuela City Council.

A recent telematic session, with schoolchildren, in the plenary hall of the Orihuela City Council.

The Contracting area of ​​the Orihuela City Council has put out to tender a contract to acquire a modern and complete multimedia system for the plenary hall that allows the adequate recording of the sessions, as well as the live broadcast via «streaming» of them to through the internet. The team will cost the council almost 70,000 euros, specifically 69,998.50 euros and will have, no wonder, all the technological innovations. The plenary sessions, which are currently being held electronically due to the covid pandemic, can be viewed in high definition from anywhere in the world. In order not to lose detail, no less than three cameras controlled by a unit will be installed, in the purest style of a television broadcast.

The Contracting area, headed by the mayor Sabina Galindo, justifies the contract, by a simplified open procedure, in the process of modernizing the administration “in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the services it provides to citizens”, points to the file. Thanks to this complete and modern multimedia and multi-camera system, it will be possible to broadcast each of the plenary sessions that are held with a high quality of «streaming» which, the contract defends, «enables citizens to access to the political debates that take place in institutional life, allowing him to see how the decisions that affect him are made and under what criteria the institutions act. Likewise, the possibility that the intervention, or even the telematic vote, may take place in the sessions, enabling the system so that the sessions can be carried out by videoconference, multiconference or other technological or audiovisual systems «that guarantee technological security , the participation of the members under conditions of equality, and the validity of its execution, the debates and the agreements that are adopted “, indicates the report of the Contracting area to justify the contract.

The contracting, under the supply and installation regime, of the multimedia system will complement the existing one for the plenary hall of the Orihuela City Council to allow the development of the different plenary sessions or any other that takes place in the aforementioned hall. Currently, the plenary sessions are already broadcast live with an obsolete system that has not a few flaws and a poor audio and image quality.

With the use of the latest existing multimedia technologies, as well as with the recording and retransmission in «streaming», the intention of the City Council is «to promote that the citizen feels closer to the administration», says the file. What the modern multimedia equipment cannot guarantee is that the citizen who is behind the computer or mobile screen likes what he sees, nor that he resists being the six hours that in many occasions the sessions are extended, no matter how high definition in which Emilio Bascuñana or Carolina Gracia is seen or José Aix, Carlos Bernabé or Susi Aniorte is heard with a perfect sound.

The government of PP and Cs intends to finance this modern multimedia equipment with the European Feder funds (European Regional Development Fund) of the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (Edusi), a project in which the European Union contributes half the money and the City Council the other 50%. The contract will have a term of execution of two months, without the possibility of extension, from the date of the signing of the minutes of the launch meeting, which will be formalized within a maximum term of one month from the date of formalization of the contract.


The multimedia system equipment for the plenary hall will consist of the aforementioned three cameras and a controlling unit for them. In addition, two screens and complete wiring will be installed for the video system, for an amount of 12,900 euros plus VAT. The technique will also have an audio and debate system, which is the most expensive part of the contract (29,772 euros plus VAT), made up of a control unit, a license to control the public address system, 26 equipment for councilors, another for the mayor, who moderates the debate, and the wiring and set-up.

The equipment will be complemented with a laptop, a tablet, a rack, a recessed box, a 19-inch mountable monitor and a switch, for 11,815 euros plus VAT. The contract is completed with supply and installation services, as well as training and advice for the operation of such a complete and modern multimedia system. The contract scores both the technical quality of the equipment to be supplied, such as the software, the extension of the guarantee period or the hours of training and advice.

Tablets for councilors and a television for the hall of the Consistory

The contract for the acquisition and assembly of a multimedia system for the plenary hall foresees a series of objective improvements that will be scored by the bidders who offer them. This is the case of the supply of 26 tablets for the members of the plenary session, such as the 25 councilors of the corporation, with minimum characteristics of capacity, resolution and memory, no less than 2 gigabytes of RAM or 32 gigabytes of storage, and that have with protective cover. In addition, the installation of an additional television connected to the system to be located in the hall of the Town Hall for the viewing of the plenary sessions there will also be valued.

Those interested in the contract who put an additional microphone to be used by the attendees as public to the plenary session and who add the conditioning of the space provided for the production table located next to the rack, themed with the environment, will obtain a score extra that can win them the contract in tender.


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