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Orsmby, Mason, Satterfield, Baldwin elected to School Board; eight Commissioner candidate field set | Richmond County Daily Journal

ROCKINGHAM — The final votes are in for today’s primary.

For the Richmond County Board of Commissioners race, the four top vote-getters in the Democratic and Republican field will be appearing on the ballot in November.

Incumbents Rick Watkins and Justin Dawkins earned their spots in the Republican race for Commissioners and were joined by new-comers Robin Roberts and Jason Gainey.

In the Democratic commission field, incumbent Tavares Bostic was the second-highest vote getter, behind Hamlet city council women Abbie Covington. Michael Legrand and Linda Ross rounded out the candidates. Incumbent Don Bryant failed to secure his appearance on the ballot.

Four school board candidates were elected to the Board of Education. Incumbents Bobbie Sue Ormsby was the top vote getter, followed closely by Daryl Mason.

First-time candidates Cory Satterfield and Scotty Baldwin were also elected to the school board. Incumbent Joe Richardson failed to secure another term on the board.

Sheriff Mark Gulledge earned over three-quarters of the vote in the race for Sheriff. Only his name will appear on the ballot this November.

Full results are listed below. Names that are bolded indicate the top vote-getters who have secured election or appearing on the next ballot. To see the election results straight from the county, visit

Richmond County Board of Commissioners:

Republican Candidates —

Thomas Davenport: 623 votes (7.6% of the Republican vote).

Justin Dawkins: 1,316 votes (16.1%)

Karen Everett: 971 votes (11.9%)

Jason Gainey: 1,436 votes (17.6%)

Danny Pearson: 1,064 votes (13.0%)

Robin Roberts: 1,348 votes (16.5%)

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Rick Watkins: 1,404 votes (17.2%)

Democratic Candidates —

Kevin Clark: 817 votes (8.3% of the Democratic vote).

Abbie Covington: 2,035 votes (20.7%)

Tyrannia Ellerbe: 581 votes (5.9%)

Michael Legrand: 1,682 votes (17.1%)

Linda Ross: 1,437 votes (14.6%)

Tavares Bostic 1,926 votes (19.6%)

Don Bryant: 1,337 votes (13.6%)

Richmond County Board of Education (non-partisan race):

Daryl Mason : 2,750 votes (14.4% of the vote).

Jeremy McKenzie: 1,829 votes (9.6%)

Bobbie Sue Ormsby: 2,963 votes (15.5%)

Eddie Rainwater: 867 votes (4.5%)

Joe Richardson: 2,434 votes (12.8%)

Cory Satterfield: 2,899 votes (15.2%)

Bess York Shuler: 2,606 votes (13.7%)

Scotty Baldwin: 2,669 votes (14.0%)

Write-in: 45 votes (0.2%)


Mark Gulledge: 2,846 votes (77.9% of the vote).

Nigel Bristow: 808 votes (22.1% of the vote).

NC House of Representatives (Richmond County votes):

Ben Moss: 2,266 votes (85.3% of the vote)

Jamie Boles: 391 votes (14.7%)

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