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Ortega swears himself in with the backing of the revolutionary axis


The revolutionary axis met again tonight in Managua to support Daniel Ortega in his illegitimate takeover after the November electoral parody

Nicols Maduro, Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and Miguel Daz-Canel, during the inauguration of the Nicaraguan president, in Managua.
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Like the three musketeers, but on the dark side. The revolutionary axis met again tonight in Managua to support the Daniel Ortega in his illegitimate takeover after the November electoral parody and the bloody hunt and capture of opponents and activists. The sharing of hugs between Nicols Maduro, Miguel Daz-Canel and the Sandinista leader At the beginning of the fraudulent swearing-in, it was evident that the three seem united to the same fate. Until the end.

The three dictators presided over an act of extreme revolutionary pageantry, with the sole presence of Rosario Murillo in the nearby. Ortega’s wife is already serving as “co-president” of the Central American country, determined to perpetuate herself in power and strengthen the family dynasty at the head of the country.

The rest of the participants appear in the background, although absences and presences show what the current geostrategic board is like, marked by the power of the “bad guys”. The autocrats “who are winning,” as he christened them Anne Applebaum.

“An unprecedented event in the history of Nicaragua. Ortega and Murillo proclaim themselves rulers before the rejection of 80% of Nicaraguans and the international community who condemn the electoral farce,” he criticized from exile. Mara Asuncin Moreno, one of the persecuted presidential candidates. The rest have been in jail for seven months.

Coordinated sanctions between the United States and the EU to “welcome” Ortega’s new mandate gravitated throughout the self-inauguration. “Y where are the human rights and where are the Europeans. They themselves (including the US) are the criminals, they have not lost their colonialist and slave-owning essence. The peoples lost their fear and they fight and resist with dignity “, pontific Ortega, angry at the measures of the western democracies and with the same script that he has been repeating since the 80s.

Ortega demanded that the US president Joe Biden that it compensates the Nicaraguan people, also that the blockade against Cuba and Venezuela cease, “a brutal and criminal blockade where they are persecuted and prosecuted, they even invent crimes simply because they seek to guarantee the food of Venezuelan families.”

In a disjointed attempt to justify how the prisons of the three countries are full of political prisoners (842 in Cuba, 244 in Venezuela and 167 in Nicaragua), Ortega compared these cases with the supposed 700 political prisoners (followers of Donald Trump that assaulted Congress) that will be in the US. “Much is said about human rights. (We) are human rights defenders,” he concluded with little conviction.

The controversies that arose in Argentina and Mexico with the dispatch of delegations were finally resolved with the sole presence of their diplomatic representatives in Managua. That’s right, the Mexican president, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, He insisted yesterday that “we have good relations with everyone and we do not want to be reckless. We cannot put aside our policy of self-determination of peoples and independence.”

Mexico maintains its support for the three revolutions, Several of its leaders even participate in the Puebla Group, the main continental launderer of the excesses of the regional autocracies.

Featured in the background was the envoy of the presidency of China, Cao Jianming, who serves as vice president of the Permanent Committee of the National People’s Assembly. Relations between China and Nicaragua live a honeymoon of a few weeks, after Ortega broke with Taiwan. The Sandinista government expropriated the old diplomatic legation that Taiwan had donated to the Catholic Church to hand over to Chinese diplomats.

Irn also sent one of his vice presidents, while Russia conformed this time to his diplomats, just like North Korea Y Turqua.

One of the surprises of the night was the presence of the outgoing Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernndez, in the political antipodes of the three revolutionaries but political partner of Ortega since shortly before the November elections. “He had the courage to be present here today, because it takes courage to be present here in Nicaragua,” Ortega congratulated him.

Criticism and censorship from the opposition, civil society and human rights activists accompanied not only the swearing-in, but also the preamble of a very long day. “Ortega’s inauguration is a ceremony that aims to validate a forced mandate through violence, repression, jail, exile and fear,” fustig Pedro Vaca, special rapporteur for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR ).

“Erase and new account and we move forward, with dignity and defending the homeland,” Ortega said. An impossible request for today’s wounded Nicaragua.

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