Saturday, January 22

Ortiz gives Sergio Mora another chance

Nothing like this has ever happened before. A disaster like the one suffered on Sunday in Puertollano, against a clearly inferior rival in destructive dynamics (four consecutive defeats), at odds with the goal, which had not won since matchday one, had always had consequences within a maximum period of 24 hours. Not yesterday. Yesterday calm, reflection, theory, faith in the summer bet reigned.

Reducing everything to splinters at the slightest hint of incapacity, incinerating projects and, with them, their authors, has been the common denominator for two decades. Its doubtful effectiveness seeing the place that an entity now occupies that is finding it increasingly difficult to assert the weight of its history, would justify by itself the decision of the team owner to endorse the ideas of the person in charge of the dressing room.

Sergio Mora will lead the game against Real Murcia, this Sunday, at Rico Pérez. The Madrilenian has another opportunity to show that he knows, with facts, how to reverse an inertia that has turned the combative, intense and aggressive bloc of the first four days, until the break at Alzira, into a sum of timorous individuals that anyone He is capable of overcoming, that he lives at the mercy of his rivals and barely brings out his potential.

Hercules looks towards the descent, but Enrique Ortiz, against his past conviction, has chosen to remain calm and transfer to his coach that he has confidence in him, in his work, in his team of collaborators. The distances are perfectly salvageable, linking three wins would put Hercules with the lead within shot, that is why the businessman has chosen not to show nervousness and not to blow up the bench with all its occupants inside.

Turning the seasons into a succession of coaches to see if someone is lucky and hits the key is not the intention of the founder of Grupo Cívica … for now. Ortiz trusts that there will be an immediate change of course, a notable improvement in the group attitude, he hopes that the enormous desire to carry out the games will be seen on the grass and not only in the faces of fear and suggestion of most of the footballers who are on the field without proving their worth, intimidated, handcuffed by a tactical system that does not bet on possession of the ball to score goals.

Enrique Ortiz, who regularly attends the weekly work sessions designed by the technician, had a brief conversation yesterday with José Bordalás’ former assistant at Fontcalent. He reminded him of the importance of his figure and that of his collaborators, the strength of his voice and his responsibility as a leader, the importance of finding useful solutions, that he focuses on finding the formula that takes advantage of the raw material from which it has, to all, and that it does not settle into the shadow of the problems, the majority in the form of irrecoverable casualties and profiles supposedly not available in the establishment.

The owner of the Hercules maintains that staying calm when others lose it is the best thing for the entity now. The constant purge has not prevented the institution from going down to the basements of the beautiful sport, so believes the businessman, who maintains permanent communication with Carmelo del Pozo, in Segovia since Saturday for a very serious family matter. The visit of Real Murcia, the other historical group in the comatose phase, will dictate sentence. Without improvement patience will run out.

An Identity: A Plan B When You Can’t Play Backlash

Hercules does well when his initial plan goes to the liking of the coach. It is when this twists when it is almost impossible to give a rudder that allows the blue and white team to add three at a time. The containment proposal, that of prioritizing the minimum exposure over the risk of wanting the ball, making it circulate, taking it to the important men, the supposedly most destabilizing, is what Sergio Mora is choking on. The property and the sports management ask the former Bordalás assistant to find solutions to a problem that is not explained only by the casualties.

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