Thursday, May 26

Osasuna and Getafe get tangled up in El Sadar

David García, in a moment of Osasuna-Getafe.

Osasuna and Getafe they tied just zero in a bad, but disputed, game that meant the return of Argentine Chimy Ávila to the pitch 435 days later injury on January 24, 2020.

El Sadar was the meeting place between two groups that they do not stand out for offering their fans a showy game to whom the chances of scoring fall. The numerous interruptions made it difficult for both teams to create danger in the opposite area.

The equality of the crash was about to be broken if not for the exceptional stop made by Sergio Herrera. The Burgos goalkeeper showed off to take a powerful shot from Uruguayan Mauro Arambarri from the edge of the area. This was the only shot among the three clubs that was seen in the first half.

While Kike Barja was the footballer who tried the most on Osasuna’s part, Rubén García was imprecise and with little luck. The talented 14 rojillo could not contact the ball only against Soria.

The front ones were authentic islands that had to manage to extract oil from where there was none. The intensity made an appearance in the first 45 minutes.

Getafe came out much more plugged into the break, winning individual duels with ease. Jagoba Arrasate retired his two starting forwards to reinforce a losing midfield battle.

With the entry of the Croatian international Ante Budimir, the locals put more long balls to look for the tall forward with the idea of ​​creating second chances.

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But the big news of the afternoon was the departure of Argentine Chimy Ávila to the pitch. The one from Rosario, who participated last Thursday in a friendly against Eibar, replaced Kike Barja to enjoy official minutes 435 days after being seriously injured against Levante.

The only shot from the rojillos between the three sticks came one minute from the end of the duel but it did not help him to avoid his third consecutive tie to zero, he registered nothing positive if it is also observed that those from Arrasate have not managed to score since February 27 . They were also the third tables in a row for Getafe, which has not just set course either.

0 – Osasuna: Sergio Herrera; Nacho Vidal, Aridane, David García, Juan Cruz; Kike Barja (Chimy Ávila, m.77), Oier (Darko, m.56), Torró, Rubén García (Adrián, m.77); Calleri (Budimir, m.61), Gallego (Torres, m.61).

0 – Getafe: Soria; Iglesias, Djené, Sofian (Etxeita, m.86), Oliveira; Arambarri, Timor (Cuba, m.81), Nyom, Aleñá (Sabit, m.85), Cucurella (Chema, m.93); and Mata.

Referee: Pablo González Fuertes (Asturian Committee). He showed yellow to Oier and David García, by Osasuna, and Sofian, Cucurella and Mata, by Getafense.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-ninth day of LaLiga Santander played at El Sadar.

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