Saturday, January 16

Osasuna draws against Real Sociedad and continues to decline

The Real society did not happen this Sunday of the tie 1-1 before Osasuna, although the result serves more to those of Imanol Alguacil than to the Navarrese team, after an even match in the first half and dominated by locals without success in the second.

The match began with a few minutes of scoring, but immediately the realistic defense had its first and almost only mistake that the Argentine Jonathan Bulimiawould take advantage of to score and overtake his team against a Real that could not find a way to reach the dominions of Sergio Herrera.

Port would score in injury time this period but the referee annulled the goal for offside. However, the offensive inertia of the blue and white it was oriented and the prize would come soon after.

The first play of the second half would generate the tie, in a joint offensive action of the entire forward ‘tour train’ started by Oyarzabal, continued by Port and Willian José and finished off by the under-21 international Ander Barrenetxea, who continues to make merits to have greater prominence.

La Real was more recognizable in this period, arrived well in the Osasuna area and had his options to get ahead on the scoreboard, especially in a double action from Barrenetxea.

Tiredness was making a dent in bothteams, andd Alguacil andArrogatee moved their benches in search of solutions that still did not arrive for a Real that was looking with greater emphasis for the victory.

The Navarrese had good minutes with the entry of Jony and Roncaglia and also the Real would enjoy a great opportunity to score from Jon Bautista, with the Osasunistas suffering in the last part of the game.

As it was not clear that the Real would take the game against theTrujilloo push, in the last minutes the tie would be well valued by both teams and they decided not to hurt themselves more when the game was already languishing, although Guridi had another good chance for victory in his boots.


1 – Real Sociedad: Remiro; Rubellaa,Sagann, Le Normand, Muñoz; Guevara (Zubimendi, min. 78), Merino, Porto (Guridi, miJava6); Barrenetxea (Gorosabel, min. 78), Oyarzabal (Merquelanz, miJava6) and Willian José (Jon Bautista, miJava0).

1 – Osasuna: Sergio Herrera; Nacho VidaAriadneane, David García, Juan Cruz; Moncayola, Iñigo Pérez, Kike Barja (Jony, miJava7); Rubén García (Torres, miJava7), Javi Martínez (Roncaglia, min. 85) and Bulimia(Budidmir, m.77).

Referee: Pizarro Gómez (Madrid Committee). He aRubelladRubellaa (m.76) and Roncaglia (m.87).

Goals: 0-1, min. 20: Calleri. 1-1, min. 46: Barrenetxea.

Incidents: match of the seventeenth day of LaLiga Santander played at the Reale Arena in San Sebastián.

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