Tuesday, November 30

Osasuna uncovers the mediocrity of Madrid

  • A deserved draw for the Pamplonians in a match in which they sent a shot to the post through Moncayola.

  • The whites monopolized possession, but Navarrese order prevented them from winning a match that confirms the irregularity of Ancelotti’s painting.

Osasuna started a deserved from the Santiago Bernabéu (0-0), The Navarrese team even sent a shot to the post through Moncayola. The whites monopolized the possession, but the order of the rojillos prevented them from prevailing in a match that confirmed the irregularity of Ancelotti’s painting.

Jumped the Real Madrid Alabama Bernabeu comforted by the triumph in the Camp Nou to measure up to an awkward Osasuna. A supportive and orderly team. What Ancelotti would describe as a “smart defense” team. They planted themselves on the grass and waited for the whites behind, without giving away a space, and making aids one after another to the Madridista left flank, where he obsessively insisted with a Vinicius in a state of grace. Oxygenated the team with one man on each line (Carvajal behind, camavinga in the middle and Asensio above), the whites were unable to solve the sudoku that I proposed Jagoba Arrasate.

Vinicius, controlled

Abusing a Vinicius very controlled, Kroos and camavinga they were encouraged by some apparition, which did not come to fruition. He was right Koeman, “The identity of Real Madrid is that of a team that plays against it.” And when it comes to changing the proposal, it has a bad time. Osasuna, beyond order, showed himself as an ambitious team that did not stop looking up with a Chimy very vertical.

The first part concluded with a feeling of tranquility for the Pamplonians, who did not suffer, even though the possession was white (73%). However, the balance of shots on goal revealed that the visitors were not satisfied with the draw: seven shots from Real Madrid to four from Osasuna. Karpov (Arrasate) controlled with solvency Kasparov (Ancelotti) who couldn’t find solutions on his ‘liquid slate’ at halftime.

Scare after the break

He started the second half with a change and a big scare for the whites. Camavinga left his place to Rodrygo, pushing Asensio back, and Moncayola he sent a counter launched by Chimy to the post. Benzema assumed more prominence by coming down to try to open the field with Rodrygo on the right and free a Vinicius squeezed in the first half. But Osasuna closed and neutralized the white game, occupying the center lane with many people. Jagoba He kept giving Madrid his medicine, with a lot of order behind and a lot of speed up. Ancelotti went around the board trying to find solutions, but in front there was an army of soldiers with a very well worked plan.

Benzema warned with a shot that licked the squad after a majestic cut before the technicians moved. Raze you put new lungs with Ruben Garcia and Brazanac, while Ancelotti gave the alternative to Danger by an inconsequential Asensio, once again, and the sides. The game entered the final phase with Real Madrid planted on the balcony of the red area and the Pamplonians more pending to save the tie than to seek victory, with Ávila already on the bench.

White patience

The patience of the whites was running out, they saw how two of the three points that were brought from the Camp Nou are left at home. They show that it is a team with more punch than football in which there are still players with a civil servant present and a doubtful future such as Marco Asensio or Eden Hazard. They digest badly the games in which the rivals give them the ball and close the spaces behind. Osasuna has shown the way to others. And the whites have only added one win in the last four games. Ancelotti has reason to worry.

Match sheet

Real Madrid: Courtois (6); Carvajal (5), Militao (5), Alaba (6), Mendy (6); Casemiro (7), Camavinga (5), Kroos (6); Asensio (4), Vinicius (7); Benzema (7). Changes Rodrygo (6) for Camavinga, Marcelo (6) for Mendy, Hazard (5) for Asensio and Lucas (5) for Carvajal

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Osasuna: Sergio Herrera (7); Nacho Vidal (6), Unai García (8), David Gª (8), Juan Cruz (7); Torró (7), Moncayola (6), Javi Martínez (7), Manu Sánchez (6); Kike Gª (6) and Chimy Ávila (7). Substitutions Rubén García (6) by Javi Martínez, Brazanac (6) by Chimy Ávila, Barbero (sc) by Kike García, Oier (sc) by Moncayola

Referee: Soto Grado. Yellow to Unai García and Camavinga


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