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Osuna announces an extraordinary plan to hire unemployed women

Mayor Osuna in this morning’s intervention. / Today

The money from the surplus will also be invested in bidding for the Children’s City or in renovating the López de Ayala park

The Mayor of Mérida, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, presented this morning an extraordinary investment plan. More than sixteen million euros coming out of the 2021 budget surplus. According to Osuna, it is a historical remnant because he had never before achieved such a large volume.

The objective now is to put that money in circulation in the city by generating temporary contracts, bidding for works and buying supplies. There is also a game to promote the city and another to pay the debt that the Consistory drags on.

In total there are forty projects planned. Most have already been drafted and now all that remains is to approve them in the Treasury commission, then in plenary this week and then upload it to the bidding platform.

There is an employment plan dedicated exclusively to women. 66% of the unemployed in the city are women and Osuna believes that the hiring of female profiles that have more difficult access to the city’s labor market should be encouraged.

Long-term shutdowns participate in Mérida in the pilot project 'Train Employment'

That is why he reserves one million euros to hire eighty unemployed women in June. Among the planned works, the bidding for the Children’s City in the old military barracks, the renovation of the park in the South Zone and the López de Ayala park will also be completely changed.

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There are also almost seven hundred thousand euros for the park next to San Lázaro. In the Albarregas valley, in addition to putting on LED lights, the mayor has announced that all the interior paths that go through the green area will be paved.

In Nueva Ciudad, the Gabriel y Galán square will be completely refurbished. Important investment also in sports facilities. The grass of the soccer field where Mérida plays will finally be changed and the La Paz facilities will be reformed.

Works are also being carried out at the canoeing club headquarters and there will be a calisthenics area in the Guadiana.

For the Local Police, the mayor has reserved 600,000 euros thinking about the new headquarters. He did not say the exact location yet because he will announce it when the project is finished.

455 more people from Extremadura unemployed in March due to the war and the transport strike

In terms of cleaning, the City Council will replace all the garbage containers in the city. The replacement contract with the FCC is almost exhausted and the City Council wants to put in some more accessible and practical containers. To which is also added the incorporation of the brown container. There will also be smart bins in the busiest areas. This type of bin has a software that notifies when they have to be cleaned and the most frequent hours of use.

Regarding the promotion of the city. The Mérida brand as a tourist destination will be promoted at the Camilo soccer field concert, but another one is being negotiated that is also expected to have a lot of repercussion in the bullring and a third one that will also be announced shortly.

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