Thursday, July 7

Other Christmases passed by virus

If they told us in March 2020 what we were going to have ahead with the issue of the pandemic, and that in the month of December 2021 we were going to be close to the rate of 600 per 100,000 inhabitants, we would not have believed it. Absolutely. And, also, without any signs of guessing when all this could improve, because the reality is that the scientists’ forecast is that the coronavirus will not go away and that it will mutate. Madness and true science fiction.

Because the truth is that many citizens consider that what is happening is more typical of a science fiction movie than a reality that we are experiencing. How many times have we seen films of these characteristics with an evil that ravages the world and two protagonists act as heroes to save the world? Infinite times. The problem is that here we are still looking for the heroes to fix this. And better before than after.

Two months ago, with low incidents, we already began to glimpse that with rates of 50 / 100,000 it seemed that the end was near, or, at least, a near normality. People already thought that a life without masks and without restrictions would come. Well, the joy in a well and a real psychological blow this current situation. Thus, the warning of a Europe where the figures were beginning to rise put us on the warning that the sixth wave was close. The advantage, however, is that the severity of the effects of these infections is not as serious as that of other preceding waves and that the foreseeable incidence of 1,000 / 100,000 that is expected towards the month of January will not be as serious as the previous. But, in any case, we return to spectacular figures that will make the health network suffer and put it to the limit again. The toilets, as always, the ones who are going to save us again from all this.

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In this state of affairs, the important and necessary thing is to assume what is there and not relax, because relaxation helps the virus. It is not about becoming obsessed, but getting used to adopting precautionary measures in the face of an enemy that revolts when its presence is in danger and mutates to continue doing damage, although the effect of the important vaccination shows that the brutal effects of the waves are being reduced . And it is clear that scientists, in whom we must continue to trust, because they are the ones who hold the key to solving this and many other problems that the world is going to have, will find an answer as a universal vaccine that they can face. to successive mutations of the virus.

The point is that in the meantime you have to continue living, working, enjoying the miracle of life and acting with prudence and care. Because the contagion comes at the minimum threat of relaxation and confidence that “it will not happen to me”, or “as I am vaccinated I do not get infected”. It is true that the latest variants increase the number of asymptomatic patients, which makes these mutations more dangerous, since in addition to the daily measurable infections there are many infected people who do not know it, neither they nor the statistical control system of infected, which can scare a bit if we know that the reality of the figures that we are given will be far from what it is if we add 40% more asymptomatic patients who do not take the antigen test or PCR because they do not show any symptoms, but go to meals and dinners where the masks are removed in front of others to whom they are going to infect. Anyway. A drama that in the end who is affected, as always, is the hospitality industry, which is the most affected by all this and which we all have to help in any way we can.

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In short, that we find ourselves with other Christmases passed by viruses, with certain dates where until two years ago families met and hospitality companies sold out their tickets to celebrate these days. However, for the second time in a row we are forced to relive a Déjà vu that scares us because of the uncertainty of not knowing where all this is going to take us. Our confidence is in science and in the correct decisions, as well as in the good will, common sense and solidarity of all. Let’s see if adding all these factors we can have a Christmas in 2022 as it should be. Esperanza should not be absent and more at parties like these. In the end we will win. Sure.

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