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«Our Virgin of the Star has suffered a terrible mutilation»

The mayor of Los Santos, Manuel Lavado; the parish priest, Leonardo Terrazas; and the steward of the Brotherhood, Mari Carmen Tinoco, during her appearance at the church to explain what happened. / TODAY

The mayordoma of the brotherhood asks those who walk by the trucks near Los Santos de Maimona to be aware in case the head of the image had been abandoned

The consternation suffered by many residents of Los Santos de Maimona after the robbery suffered in the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Estrella, patron saint of the town of Badajoz, has been evident this Holy Thursday, during the events held in the parish. The thieves tore off the image’s head and carried it off along with the crown.

The priest, Leonardo Terrazas; the steward of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Star, Mari Carmen Tinoco; and the mayor of the town, Manuel Lavado, have reported together on the damage caused to the image of the patron saint this Wednesday, April 13, in her sanctuary.

Together they have shared their feelings, agreeing on the damage inflicted not only on the image, but also on the hearts and feelings of the people of Santeño, but with the hope that this fact will be resolved soon.

The Civil Guard and the Police are investigating the events that have caused a great commotion throughout the town and beyond, due to the great devotion and veneration that is professed for the Virgen de la Estrella.

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The mayordoma was the first to intervene and confirm the news: “It is with deep sorrow that I must inform you that the image of our Virgin of the Star has suffered a terrible mutilation, with her head disappearing,” she reported, and asked the person or persons who had committed this act of vandalism that they repent and return it, “and since She forgives them, we can all do it,” said the mayordoma, who begged all those who walk on roads and fields to be aware in case the head had been abandoned.

“Our Mother of the Star, as always, will continue to protect her people of Los Santos and as in the time of confinement, when we could not visit her, we turned our homes into small sanctuaries, so we will continue for a few days,” he encouraged during his intervention.

On behalf of all Santeños, the mayor, Manuel Lavado, conveyed the support of the entire town to the parish priest, mayordoma and Governing Board of the brotherhood, convinced that this black and tragic episode “is going to increase faith in our Star and the patronage exercised over us by the Perpetual Honorary Mayoress is going to renew every day.

And he assured that the City Council will not remain on the sidelines and will go hand in hand, both with the parish and with the brotherhood in everything they propose or decide to do.

“Men and women devastated, crying, desolate and with their arms lowered by discouragement and disbelief of what we were seeing”

Manuel Washed

Mayor of Los Santos

The mayor recalled the pain and hard moment experienced on Wednesday afternoon with colleagues from the Government Team, members of the Government Board of the Virgin and the parish priest: “Men and women devastated, crying, desolate and with their arms lowered by discouragement and disbelief at what we were seeing; perhaps worried about the material damage, but above all very concerned about the moral damage that this event was going to produce in the devotees of the Virgin, “said Manuel Lavado.

During this joint appearance, the parish priest Leonardo Terrazas encouraged walking together and being coordinated. «We cannot get tired of doing good and with respect to whoever has or has done this barbarity, if the justice system finds them to act as in these cases; and for our part, each one has their feelings and desires, but ours as Christians is to recover those who are lost due to different circumstances of life and ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness for them if they want to do it and repent “, he pointed.

The Bishop of Mérida-Badajoz, Celso Morga, has also sent a few words to the town of Los Santos de Maimona after hearing the news, conveying his consternation: “I want to express my pain and closeness to all of you as pastor of the Archdiocese. I want you to feel close to me. God allows events in our life that make us suffer. Let us ask the Lord for the sincere conversion of those who have carried out such an act. I accompany you and bless you. Virgin of the Star, pray for us, pray for all humanity.

The mayor also thanked other samples of support received from representatives of different institutions.


The Governing Board of the Brotherhood will report on the restoration of the image, following the guidelines of the Parish and the Archbishopric.

In the event that the head does not appear, the carving of the patron saint will be restored. «The image may not be the same, but our devotion and affection not only have to be the same, but it has to unite us even more. It will be a new stage for our Christian life and for our devotion to the Blessed Virgin of the Star. She will comfort us, she will tell us what we have to do », insisted the parish priest during his intervention.

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