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Outbreak of fatal COVID-19 in Connecticut nursing home left eight dead and 89 infected

The 78 people who were infected with the virus in the Geer Village nursing home are currently recovered.

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The ravages of COVID-19 were present in a nursing home in Connecticut, after 89 residents and some of the staff tested positive for the pandemic virus and eight people died.

The outbreak occurred at the Geer Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in North Canaan, Connecticut., which began in late September with eight of the nursing home residents with serious underlying health problems who died from the outbreak, the nursing home said in a statement.

The remaining 78 people, including residents and care staff, have recovered since testing positive for COVID-19, and so far there are only three active cases within the community of people living in the nursing home, reviewed CBS News.

“We are encouraged to see that there are only 3 active cases of COVID-19 left in our nursing home. Of the total of 67 residents affected during the course of this outbreak, 56 are fully recovered and out of isolation. We have sadly lost eight people with serious health problems underlying COVID-19, ″ said Kevin O’Connell, senior executive director for the community at the Geer Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Facilities managers indicated that 87 of the 89 infected residents and staff were fully vaccinated, so they are concerned that they will experience some level of waning immunity.

The outbreak occurred before booster vaccines were available, O’Connell said in statements to ABC News.

“We had it scheduled for November 2, and then they put it aside due to the pandemic,” O’Connell stressed, noting that nursing home officials immediately contacted Walgreens when they were told the booster was available to use. the resident.

However, O’Connell cautioned that scheduling booster shots could be logistically complicated, as it involves coordinating it for all staff, including residents. “It takes a while to set everything up”, he stressed.

“We are following the guidance of the Department of Health, and they do not recommend boosting anyone with active infections for 14 days after the outbreak,” O’Connell said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all people 18 years of age and older, living in long-term care facilities, receive the COVID-19 booster vaccine, as residents are likely to live in close coexistence, and possibly older adults with underlying medical conditions, which increases the risk of infection and serious illness from the pandemic virus.

Meanwhile, staff at the Geer Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center indicated that they continue to monitor the situation closely and They will endeavor to provide updates for residents, staff, families, and the community to the extent possible.

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