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Oviedo spoils the party at Cáceres

On the appointed day, with the presence of their homegrown players and a shirt designed for the purpose with which the team honored the San Antonio school for its centenary, Cáceres gave its worst version this Friday. The dark-green squad was clearly outclassed by Oviedo (75-99) in a match in which Roberto Blanco’s team floundered defensively and never managed to find enough regularity in the offensive zone. Without a doubt, one of the blackest nights lived in the Multiusos.

With more nerves than success on the part of both teams, the first stages of the game had a low profile, with a Cáceres who was always ahead in the electronic, although with small advantages. However, a final rush by the visitors gave the Oviedo team their first advantage of some importance at the end of the first quarter (8-14). From that moment on, the sentence of the match would be something like sewing and singing for the team from the Principality of Asturias.

Natxo Lezkano’s team continued to be sweet at the start of the second quarter and Elechi, with a mid-range shot, made it 8-18 after a 0-13 run for the Asturians. After the obligatory time-out requested by Roberto Blanco, Jaume Lobo ended the drought in Cáceres as he knows best, with a missile from more than 6.75 meters. However, the black-and-green reaction did not continue and the visiting team, which found enough leaks in the rival defense, managed to double the score against Cáceres (16-32) midway through the second quarter.

Despite the subsequent offensive improvement of Roberto Blanco’s team, Cáceres did not have enough defensive strength to contain the momentum of Oviedo who went to the locker room with a favorable lead of 16 points (29-45).

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Presentation of the Cáceres quarry. /


With much to improve on both sides of the pitch, Cáceres made a mistake in their first attacks at the beginning of the third quarter, to the point that Natxo Lezkano’s team soon exceeded the 20-point lead (29-51) after another part of 0-6. Without response capacity and with their heads already out of the game, the Extremaduran team let McDonnell, in practice, kill the match (33-59) with an accurate triple when they had not yet reached the middle of the third quarter. No one in the green and black squad came to the rescue of the local team.


Sanz (10), Schmidt (18), Manu Rodríguez (0), Dukan (7) and Mbala (12) -first five- Chacón (0), Mateo Díaz (2), Lobo (6), Olaizola (6), Santos (0), Romaric (14) and Carlos Toledo (4).


Meana (0), Jorgensen (8), Kamba (9), McDonnell (16) and Arteaga (14) -initial five- Atencia (13), Lundqvist (16), Bartolomé (9), Elechi (11) and Lobaco ( 3).

  • Marker
    8-14, 29-45 (half), 50-77 and 75-99 (final).

  • referees
    Quintas Álvarez, Zamora Rodríguez and Aranzana García. Without eliminated.

  • Incidents
    Nearly 2,000 spectators at the Multiusos, with a presentation of the teams from the dark-green academy.

With no more story to tell and with an already insurmountable 50-77 on the scoreboard, the last 10 minutes of the game only served for the players to fatten up their individual statistics, since the outcome was already written long before. Far from making up the result, Cáceres saw how his opponent made more blood (60-90). All this to later reach the final 75-99. A result with which Oviedo is tied at 12 wins with the Extremadurans, although the Oviedo side have one less game.

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