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‘Ozark’ Season 4 Recap, Episode 6: Blood Over Everything


blood over everything

Season 4

episode 6

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The penultimate episode of this half season of Ozarks traces two family betrayals: that of Omar and his nephew, Javi, and that of Wendy and her son, Jonah. You could even throw Frank Cosgrove’s death in this pile because it doesn’t happen if his son doesn’t make a deal behind his back with Darlene. Again, the theme this season has been how family and business don’t mix. And those who forget that, may not even live to regret it.

FBI agent Maya Miller is on another raid to open the episode, and it’s easy to feel like something is going to go wrong from the moment the driver flees the truck. Maybe viewers are trained for this kind of thing, but didn’t you know the truck was going to explode long before it did? At least long before the SWAT team member says there are no hot bodies in the truck? Clearly, Javi wanted to send a message, but will that message derail any hope for his uncle’s plan? Later, Maya calls Marty about the explosion and he immediately calls Omar, who demands a meeting. If Omar is going to get out of his drug business, it has to be sooner than planned.

Back in the Ozarks, we find out that Wendy Byrde didn’t just leave Darlene Snell to die in her driveway. Is anyone else a little disappointed? Not only would that move have cemented Wendy as the sociopath she’s increasingly become throughout this show, but it would also have created such an upheaval in the drug trade. No, Darlene is still alive and she blames Ruth for the heart attack. She tells Wyatt that she doesn’t want her cousin around them anymore. As foreshadowed, Wyatt will likely have to choose between the two most powerful women in his life. Before Wyatt can talk to Ruth, Garner gets into a good groove as he tells Jonah how his mother died: in a hit-and-run when Ruth was just 8 years old.

Jim is about to find out the truth about his favorite customer. After invoking attorney-client privilege, Wendy reveals what the Byrdes do for a living, laundering drug cartel money through the many foundations and power structures Jim has helped establish. She does it because she wants him there when Omar and the FBI make the deal, but it feels like the kind of information that could get him killed. Damian Young is very good this season, capturing someone who realizes they’re too far into the woods to back up, even if moving forward might get them killed.

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Marty goes to Jefferson City to fix the deal between the FBI and Omar. He reminds them that they have been chasing Omar for years and that now is the time to catch him. It would paralyze half of the drug trade in the country. However, they will need proof that Omar was not behind the attack. Can Marty find a way to throw Javi under the bus? He tries to talk Omar into doing exactly that a few scenes later, but Omar plays hardball, at least at first. However, he talks to his nephew and basically passes the torch, telling him that the Ozarks are now his. Omar will come out. It even says, “The Byrdes are yours.” Is this an honest succession of power, or does Omar push Javi to the front just before the firing squad takes aim?

A big scene between Laura Linney and Lisa Emery takes place in the hospital where Wendy claims to have saved Darlene’s life. Yes, barely. And Darlene noted, “You didn’t want to. I saw.” Just a mention of Ruth dealing with Marty again and Charlotte’s friendship with Wyatt nearly killed Darlene. And Wendy digs into the wounds, reminding Darlene who’s in charge. “We can take whatever else you have,” she says. With oxygen tubes coming out of her nose, Darlene has the nerve to say, “I’m as strong as a bull.”

Ruth knows that the brief business relationship with Darlene will soon come to an end and asks Wyatt to choose. She sides with Darlene and Zeke, leaving Ruth nowhere to go. Wyatt was the only ally he had left besides poor Sam.

Wendy goes to Paducah to identify a body that someone thinks is Ben, but she knows it’s not. How creepy. And she goes with her relatively estranged father, which leads to a brutal scene over coffee. These two hate each other and throw insults passive-aggressively. Dad has a great line that makes it clear how long Wendy’s fatal narcissism has been a part of her identity: “You never understood that the world didn’t revolve around you.”

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Javi has run Belle out to cause trouble, he tells Marty that he is the new boss and suggests that the Byrdes move to Macau. Javi wants to run the operation, talk to Maya and be in charge of every decision. But Marty calls Omar, who makes it clear that he’s willing to give up almost everything Javi thinks he now controls: the money, the routes, and possibly even his flesh and blood.

These strained family ties define the final arcs of this episode. First, Frank gives his son a hard time about Snell’s deal, then turns to Darlene herself to continue the tirade. As he rants, Darlene casually walks into the other room and returns with a shotgun, with which she blasts a hole through Frank’s chest. You’re done taking orders. Wyatt returns later and freaks out over the murder before going to Ruth. Will this be the decision that pushes him to the other side? It seems possible, as Wyatt even rehearses breaking up with Darlene, but the poor guy is going in the exact opposite direction he should be running. Finding Darlene upset, he asks her to marry him. Does Wyatt have a savior complex? Do you just need to be needed?

While all of this is going on, and after Javi subtly threatens Jim with a visit, Wendy is plotting her own son’s downfall. First, he realizes that he wouldn’t serve long and that they could remove a money laundering charge from his record. Second, she goes to the motel and convinces poor Sam to let her into Jonah’s office, where she gets the information to flag one of his accounts. This is followed by a fascinatingly long scene in which a smiling Wendy drinks with Charlotte. He’s really celebrating selling his own son. creepy

Jonah gets the flag bug and panics, calling his father to come and fix it. Will he save Jonah from the trap set by his wife? He does a few things and then discovers a bit of Wendy’s trail. The flag came from an external party. You know it was Wendy. And Sam then reveals to Jonah that his mother was there earlier that day. He comes home furious and Marty can’t believe it either. You don’t get credit for saving your child from a burning building if you’re the one who set it on fire.

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Just as Wendy is bugging the authorities with Jonah and Omar seems to be bugging the FBI with his nephew, Ruth is ready to do the same with Frank Jr. and Darlene. She emotionally tells him about her father’s death, another great Garner scene in what may be her best season, and then asks for a day to clean up some of the mess before he can “do whatever it takes for Darlene.” “.

In the end, the pieces are in place to deliver Omar Navarro to the FBI in 12 hours and the Byrdes can be free. But is Jonah gone? What will they have to do to get him there so they can all go to Chicago?

• The title translates as “Blood Over Everything”, which comes from the conversation in which Omar hands over power to Javi. His nephew interprets it as something positive about the family connection, but it could also be interpreted as it can take any violent means to an end. There is no blood that these characters, especially Omar and Wendy, are not willing to spill.

• Only one episode left of the first part! This season’s MVP seems to be Garner, but thanks to Adam Rothenberg and Alfonso Herrera for the new energy they’ve given. Ozarks this season.

• One more quick credit before we catch up on the finale: the sheet music. The work of Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans has been fantastic this season, never overused but providing the right backdrop for a building tension.

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